Monday, February 28, 2005

Bishop's Nose

Interestingly enough, Bishop's nose is reffering to Chicken Butt. Yes, the rear end of a bird's anatomy.


I don't know ;)

I'm Just So Darn Full !!

The title says it all. I just came back from the 'belated' Chinese New Year gathering at my uncle's place. This is my maternal side of family's yearly event.

and of course, for us Chinese, whenever we meet, we MUST have FOOD.
Tonight's head count is approximately 80 people (including maids) and my oh my... the food.. so many to choose, so little space.
Let me retrieve from my hard drive (ie, brain) (which is not functioning properbly right now) what we had.

Curry chicken
Rendang mutton
Sweet and sour fish mow
Potatoe cutlets
Home-made egg noodles
Yong tau foo
Fried mee hoon
Vineger pork (absolutely yummy yum!)
Chicken with fungus cooked in fermented tau foo
Seaweed with oyster
Fried sweet peas
Butter prawns

I hope I didn't miss out anything. I had a small portion of everything. My God, my stomach's gonna explode soon!
*sob* *sob* I'm NEVER going to overeat next time! Will I die from overeating?

Please forgive me, I've learnt my lesson!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Fruit of My ActionSampler Flash

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This is a photo of Lady, my dog which I took with the amazing ActionSampler Flash. See the movement sequence?
Everyone said Lady is such a poser =)

ActionSampler Flash

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ActionSampler Flash.

Actually this is my first lomo camera before I bought my lca. I bought this at Folio, 1 Utama (everyone thinks I'm nuts when I showed them the camera and told them how much it cost,(around RM230)). But hey, I just want to have some fun!

Let me tell you what is so special about this camera. This camera is a four lens camera. One press of the shutter button fires all four sequential lenses over 1 second with approximately 0.25 seconds in between each frame.

It's a fun camera to have. By the way, it is considered as a toy camera. So, don't expect any great result from it =) Like I said, it's for me to have FUN. FUN FUN FUN!

Thursday, February 17, 2005


One thing that I dislike about blogger is the edit function. The blog NEVER register the changes that I've made.. argh.. this can be really frustrating.

On a Lighter Note

I'm currently in Ipoh (unfortunately it's a business trip, I've been travelling up to Ipoh at least 2 times a month for almost a year). Ipoh is like my second home!

Am currently in the hotel, just woke up from a power nap. And boy, I'm in trouble, think I'll have trouble entering la la land later.

and... I'm also abit hungry... perhaps I should just finish up the salmon spread which I intend to save for my breakfast.

more updates when I get back to KL.

note: the time now is 12.41 am. and I'm not sleepy!!! dang!!

Monday, February 14, 2005


I've been raving about lomography. So, what is lomography...
In the early 1990s a couple of students discovered a small, enigmatic Russian camera, the Lomo Kompakt Automat (LCA - the lomo camera that I'm using), and created a new style of artistic experimental photography with their first unorthodox snapshot cavortings. The approach: taking as many photographs (Lomographs) as possible in the most impossible of situations possible and from the most !unusual positions possible, and then having them developed as cheaply as possible. The result is a flood of authentic, colourful, crazy, off-the-wall, unfamiliar and often brilliant snapshots. These are mounted on panels to form a sea of thousands of Lomographs which regularly astonish viewers with their sheer colourfulness, diversity and power of expression. Ensuing major exhibitions in Moscow, New York, Vienna, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Havana, Zurich, Cologne, Madrid, Cairo, Tokyo and many other cities, where up to 100,000 Lomographs were shown at a time, established an international reputation for Lomography.
The Lomography 10 Golden Rules
1. Take your camera everywhere you go
2. Use it anytime, day and night
3. Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it
4. Try the shot from the hip
5. Approach the objects of your lomographic desire as close as possible
6. Don't think
7. Be fast
8. You dont have to know beforehand what you captured on film
9. Afterward either
10. Don't worry about any rules

This is the LCA camera that I'm currently using ;)
and it is consider as THE lomo camera.

My First Attempt with My Lomo Camera - LCA

Alright, this is my happy dog.
Her name is Lady.
She recently turned 1.
She was born a day after Christmas (also known as Boxing Day).
Yes yes, I took this photo with my lca lomo camera together with the colour splash flash.
and... a piece of chicken in my hand.
This is the final result.
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Isn't she a cutie?

Let Me Try This

I am currently very into lomography. I have taken some photos which I think *ahem* looks really great.

Let me try to upload it here...

Bummer... I have to download some proggie before any uploading can be done. We shall wait and see. I'll try my best to do whatever it is required for me to do in order for me to share my beautiful photos ;) well said!

So I See...

blogger has got new features...
oh, was is because it has been yonkers since my last update?