Thursday, February 17, 2005


One thing that I dislike about blogger is the edit function. The blog NEVER register the changes that I've made.. argh.. this can be really frustrating.

On a Lighter Note

I'm currently in Ipoh (unfortunately it's a business trip, I've been travelling up to Ipoh at least 2 times a month for almost a year). Ipoh is like my second home!

Am currently in the hotel, just woke up from a power nap. And boy, I'm in trouble, think I'll have trouble entering la la land later.

and... I'm also abit hungry... perhaps I should just finish up the salmon spread which I intend to save for my breakfast.

more updates when I get back to KL.

note: the time now is 12.41 am. and I'm not sleepy!!! dang!!


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