Monday, February 28, 2005

I'm Just So Darn Full !!

The title says it all. I just came back from the 'belated' Chinese New Year gathering at my uncle's place. This is my maternal side of family's yearly event.

and of course, for us Chinese, whenever we meet, we MUST have FOOD.
Tonight's head count is approximately 80 people (including maids) and my oh my... the food.. so many to choose, so little space.
Let me retrieve from my hard drive (ie, brain) (which is not functioning properbly right now) what we had.

Curry chicken
Rendang mutton
Sweet and sour fish mow
Potatoe cutlets
Home-made egg noodles
Yong tau foo
Fried mee hoon
Vineger pork (absolutely yummy yum!)
Chicken with fungus cooked in fermented tau foo
Seaweed with oyster
Fried sweet peas
Butter prawns

I hope I didn't miss out anything. I had a small portion of everything. My God, my stomach's gonna explode soon!
*sob* *sob* I'm NEVER going to overeat next time! Will I die from overeating?

Please forgive me, I've learnt my lesson!


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