Sunday, July 31, 2005

Bahh! Stupidity!

Today sure is a hot day. After a nice walk at the Mont Kiara's flea market, I decided to buy my sister, my side kick and myself a McDonald's sundae cone. Yummm... it is PERFECT for a hot day like this.
Went into McDonald's. Wow the queue was Looooonnnnnngggggg.
Never mind, I can wait. The girl who served at the counter that I was queing was EXTRA SLOW!
"Never mind, I can wait. Sabar Sabar. I can wait." I told myself.
My turn finally came. I ordered 2 regular and 1 large. The bill came out to RM3.15. I gave a her RM10, then few secs later, told her I'll give her the 15 cents, coz I don not need extra coins in my purse.
As I handed her my 15 cents, she told me "sorry, sudah pun key in..."
she refused to take my 15 cents! she refused to take my 15 cents!!!
(well, I think she doesn't know her math! and is so afraid that she'll return me the wrong amount of change)
I looked her in the eye and told her "hey look, I don't need the extra coins, just blardy (well, actually I didn't say the B word) take the 15 cents, and return me RM7!
She looked really CONFUSED!
I told her again "Look, you WON'T blardy (again, didn't use the B word, but so wanted to) loose out! Tak perlu tanggung apa-apa!" and shoved the 15 cents right infront of her face... heh heh
She then reluctantly took my 15 cents and gave me back my RM7.
I think McDonald's should hire more intelligent being. Even as a counter girl.

Oh No! Not Again!!!

I received an sms on 31 July 2005, which says:
"Fuel price going up 10 cents tomorrow!"
What the.... from RM1.52 to RM1.62? this is like what, 6 per cent??
God! What the hell is the government thinking? Why the hell are they taking away the subsidies?
Why are they taking away the subsidies when we ourselves are exporting petroleum?? Why are they taking away the subsidies when our Petronas is making tones and tones of money!
I know why! Because Petronas is always busy bailing out some big boy's company which cannot afford to go bust, because if it does, so many people will get into "unnecessary" trouble! That's why! Bah!
I must ask my boss to revise our mileage claim.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Mouse Having Fun? NOT!

Dinner with WH at this really nice non-halal, air-conditioned restaurant (am not going to mention the name of the restaurant, read on, you will understand why, btw, the food was really good!).

While waiting for our food, we saw this rodent, erm, should say mouse coz it is small and cute, running across the restaurant, stopped under a table, fell to its side, legs were moving abit, then, no movement. We thought the mouse is so blatantly having fun, trying to rub its body against the nice carpet. But apparently the mouse was not having fun coz even after a minute has passed, it was still at the same position as a minute before. The mouse has literally dropped dead!

It is very normal to see mice running around a restaurant. But how often do you see a mouse drop dead in front of you?

Hah! Must ask dad to buy 4D!!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Recent Read 6

Confession of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

I so can relate to her!

Rebecca Bloomwood is a financial journalist who loves to shop. She'll give all sorts of excuses so that she could buy something for herself. And now, due to excessive shopping, she is now in debt!

Read this hilarious book to see how our Ms Becky handles all her financial problems, while trying to give others her expert opinion on financial issues.

Highly recommended!

Recent Read 5

The Family Way by Tony Parsons Posted by Picasa

Page turnner. Story flows nicely. Highly recommended!

Exciting New Job

I'll be starting a new job today. It is an Investigative Accountant Job.
It's something new to all of us. Investigative Accountant. Heh. Sounds like some detective job. Yay! Can't wait for it to start :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My Thought on our BELOVED Proton

I was running late this morning, I took way too much time styling my hair (my hair is on one of those bad mood day). Anyway, I’m suppose to leave house at 8.30 am LATEST, but I only managed to get out of the house at 8.45 am!

Went in the car (PROTON WAJA), started the engine, shifted my gear into reverse… zoooooooook, reversed all the way out, pressed my remote control to close the gate, reversed my car again. Then engaged to D… what the… no reaction? I thought I engaged to N. But when I looked again, yeah what, I’m in D, why isn’t the goddamn thing responding.


This is NOT the first time that this kind of thing is happening. It had happened on numerous occasions especially after the rain. Apparently, the wiring or whatever stupid goddamn electric board which controls the automatic transmission blardy short circuit! Due to the rain. Where got car like that? Goddamn it! Godddamn Proton.

Anyway, since this is not the first time, I knew instantly to shift it to 3, thank God it responded! Zooommm off to office, cursing and swearing all the way to the office. Nope, I ain’t gonna send to the workshop. Just need to let the blardy thing dry off and it’ll be its normal self again. (I once sent it to the Proton workshop, the guy told me “oh, memang macam itu, tidak boleh buat apa-apa, just pastikan tak kena air hujan…” “oh, it’s like that one, we can’t do much, just make sure that water doesn’t go in in future,,,” WTF??

I have always tell people that if I were to get a car, it’ll NEVER EVER gonna be a goddamn Proton! (the one that I’m currently driving belongs to my dad. Actually, my dad kind of bought it for me…) I’m not complaining, but hey, if I were to get a car myself, I will NEVER EVER gonna buy a goddamn Proton. Free one, I don’t mind.

Proton will NEVER improve. Not to say that I looked down on them, but hey… ask around, all the Proton drivers will definitely have something to complain. The WORST thing is that it is always the same problems that people are complaining. But still no goddamn improvement!

You know why there isn’t any improvement? Everyone knows why! Because the government is trying to protect them! Now the government will impose some stupid tax on those cars which they think will threaten the sale of Proton cars. How obvious can they get?

Let me tell you, even with those taxes imposed, I will still NOT get a Proton. I’ll rather get a second hand Japanese car than getting a brand new Proton. I’ll even consider Perodua!

People might think “wah.. action, Malaysian have to support Malaysian Car mahh… have to love your country mah…”

Well, I don’t car what people says, for, I AIN”T GONNA BUY ANY PROTON! Because it sucks!

Enough said!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Tuesday Blue

I do not blardy know if anyone actually suffers from Tuesday blue. I do not blardy care because I am currently suffering one!

Knowing how lazy I am and how much I dislike my job (especially on Monday), you must be wondering why the hell didn’t I make a fuss on Monday.

Well, it is plainly because I wasn’t in office on Monday. I was in Ipoh yesterday (unfortunately it was a one day trip, as usual, and I was the driver, as usual).

Anyway, my current state of mind is so disoriented till the extend that I forbid myself to pick up calls for fear that I would give wrong advises and/or convey wrong information to our client (that time I’ll be DEEP SHIT) and I bet I’ll dislike my job even more!

Tuesday. I hate Tuesday too…

Weekend Post

This is a summary of the stuffs that I did during the week end:


8.30 Mandarin tuition class (I teach mandarin to kindergarten kids. Thank God for kia su parents, if not, I won't be a few hundred bux richer. Heh heh)

12.00 Home. Lunch. Nap.

2.00 Hartamas. Wash and trim my hair. Stef created a new look for me. I looked like some girl from one of those Japanese mag =), wohoo hooo! I looked (and is still looking) GOOD!!

4.30 Went to Cat Whiskets. Bought a bangle which can't fit anyone coz it's wayyyyy tooooo smalll... Thank God I have small wrist (for once I'm thanking God for allowing me to be so thin!) The bangle looks good on me. Heh.

5.00 Went to some VCD shop. I wanted to buy Jerry Mcguire ONLY. But ended up buying Boggyman and A Lot Like Love as well. I like horror movies and all the lovey dovey movies which doesn't require me to fry my brain to try to figure out what the hell the movie is about.

5.30 Trapped in a jam in front of bloody Eastin. I should have used the SPRINT highway!

6.00 Home. Rumbble thru my closet, tried to find a perfect baju to wear to my little cousin's birthday dinner.

6.30 Found one, tried on with accessories. Satisfied. Bath.

7.00 Out. To restaurant near Kepong.

10.30 Stuffed! Went to uncle’s place.

11.30 Home. Sleep

9.30 Wake up, boil hot water – for my bath.

9.35 Rumble through closet, tried to figure out what to wear to church.

9.45 Water cooked. Bathe.

10.15 Style hair (yeah, it took me 45 min to style me hair).

11.00 Church.

1.00 Home. Lunch.

2.00 Send grandma to uncle’s place.

3.15 Left uncle’s place.

3.45 Hartamas flea market jalan jalan.

4.30 Home. Grab some vcds, to my side kick’s house in Kajang.

5.30 Kajang. Eat tongshui, Yumm Yummm. Chit-chat with my side kick’s mum.

6.30 Power nap.

7.00 Bathe.

7.30 Out for dinner. Breakfields. Dinner was really good. and CHEAP!

9.30 Kajang.

11.30 Chit chat with my side kick. Read “The Devil Wears Prada”. Head home.

12.30 Home. Sleep.

This is what I did during the weekend.

What about you?

Friday, July 22, 2005

Wahh! SO HOT!

I had my lunch at Rain Nuddle House at KLCC with my colleagues. I ordered the Thai Udon Seafood Tom Yam. This dish is in one of those Chef recommended list.

The food wasn’t bad at all yummm...., but it was so SO DAMN SUPER DUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER HOT!!
I need to take a deeeeep breath before I put every single freaking scope of noodle into my month, imagine that... and when the udon touches my lips, it swelled up immediately... imagine that as well!
Later the toilet session sure will be very dahsyat.

Talking about toilet session. Just how many times do your clear your bowel a day?

For me, it’s an average of 3 times a day. My bowel is like the clock work, ticks like a swiss movement. Produces High Quantity shit and Hight Quality shit.

A shit factory with very very good quality control. Definitely better than our Proton.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Woah! damn blardy full ! Just came back from lunch. Lunch was yucky, not nice, sucks big time!!!
I had mee goreng (sucks, yuck!) and coke.
Bosses are not back from lunch (figer cross, won't be back at all =) *tough luck*).
Curi-curi blog for awhile.
I have a training to conduct in the evening, on the Overview of the Regulatory Framework. ie: procedures to get your company listed and the rules and regulations that you need to comply with etc etc.... boring topic.
HECK! I can't think right now. I need a nap! HECK!

Traffic Jam.. Who to Blame?

Working in the City Centre is NOT a glamorous thing that I used to think it is. How naïve I was!
It takes me 1 hour every single day to get to office and back from office during the peak hour whilst only 20 min MAX during non peak hour (ie: only on SUNDAY morning)

People who work in our beloved KL city center have to endure the daily torture of traffic jam before getting to work and off work. It is like part of our life, without it, we, will feel absolutely miserable!

You might ask, “hmm… why is it so jam? Why is it so bad?” Well, I’ll tell you why!

stupid town planning
stupid road planning
stupid road condition
stupid auto traffic light timing
stupid inefficient bloody slow and expensive public transport system
stupid LRT who comes only with 3 miserable cabin, no matter peak, or non peak hour
Malaysians are very selfish, they refuse to car pool



What do traffic police do during peak hour? Mend the traffic?? Nope. Because our DBKL has timed the timing of the traffic light (which they thought it will help ease the traffic, boy, they are SO SO wrong!) so, you see policemen around during peak hour, but none of them are actually mending the traffic, what do they do?

Let me enlighten you on what they do. They would pounce on driver who stops at the yellow box, in front of the traffic light (in another word, trie to beat the traffic) !! The worst thing is they, the police, only does that during peak hour, on every single freaking day! so that they can issue more “summons” (you know why it is in inverted comma). By doing so, they have contributed more to the traffic jam, and they seems pleased about it!!

Thank you Mr Policemen!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Idiot's Car

Idiot's Car Posted by Picasa

Idiot !!

I went to One Utama with my sis yesterday. We had a great time there shopping (window shopping)... until...
When we were about to leave, we realised that this particular stupid idiot, mentally challenged homo-sapiens who conveniently parked his car behind mine (his car wasn't park at a proper parking space), which is also unfortunately a tad too close to my car! It took me a good 20 min, 20 FREAKING MIN to reverse my car out. Reverse, Drive, Reverse Drive, Reverse Drive (repeat actions 1001 times!!!)
By the time I got my car out, I was just so darn pissed that I actually wanted to scratch the idiot's car. But, instead, I was kind enough to leave the idiot a note, to remind the idiot not to repeat this idiotic action of his/hers anymore.
The note, is posted here, but I bet you can't see a thing (damn the phone camera) anyway, I'll summarise the salient point:
Dear Mother Fucker,
If you have no common sense when comes to where to park your car, or your pig brain isn't functioning well, I would suggest you not to drive and perhaps burn your car, if not, you could also go to hell!!
If you are the owner of the car, I would like to inform you of the following:
You should be so thankful that I didn't scratch your car... I was SO TEMPTED.
No, I am not sorry for the kind reminder that I left for you.
I am sorry I was driving my Waja instead of my VOLVO 240G.
Next time, if you want to park your car, park it at the designated lot. YOU IDIOT !!

Monday, July 18, 2005

LIfe? Fair?

Today at the age of 30, you thought you are perfectly well and invincible, tomorrow the doctor gives you a shocker news telling you that you have contracted some terminal disease.
Today at the age of 50, you are successful, and still is gorgeous, you are planning to retire as you would like to spend more time with your family, and discovered that you have 4th stage cancer.
Today at the young age of 32, have a happy family, a loving husband, cute children, and discovered that you have cancer. Went for treatment, killed all the cancer cell. Two years later, a relapse. Went for treatment, killed all the cancer cell. Well for another couple of months, and another relapse. This time, cancer spread too fast, too late for treat. Doc gave you a max of 2 months....
Is this life? Isn't life suppose to be fair?
I guess NOT!!!


I hate Monday! I am still very sleepy.. arhhgg... I can't wait for Friday to arrive.

Freaking sleepy, no mood to work, whole body aching,brain not functioning. As such, sorry, no updates for bloggeerism! Too damn tired and sleepy and no mood to write...

Friday Friday I miss you!!!

btw, has anyone read the latest Harry Potter book? The Half-Blood Price? is it good???

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Recent Read - missed out one

He's Just Not that into You by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo

I finished this in 1 day. If you have nothing better to do, then I recommend you to read this book. If you are single, in a relationship, starting a relationship, about to start a relationship, already found your 'target' or married, I suggest you to read it ONLY when you have nothing better to do, and after reading it, PLEASE don't take whatever advises given in this book too seriously...If you don't want to end up in deep shit.

Lady from Heaven

Lady Posted by Picasa
is also my pet. She is a boxer and Lab mix. This photo was taken using my lomo camera, (the action sampler flash). I love her as much as I love Rover. Look at her, she has this angelic look.... but! looks can be deceiving. She is a real devil, don't be fooled by her looks.
How ironic, Rover has this devilish looks, but in actual an angel,
Lady has this angelic looks, but in actual a devil.
No matter what, I still love them both =)

Rover Risen from Hell

I like this photo, this photo is taken using my lomo camera - This is my dog, he is my pet, although he is just an ordinary mongreal, but I still love him very much, He has a set of very expressive eyes. He loves to be pat. Although he looks like a devil, but he is infact an angel.

Friday, July 15, 2005

I am so SICK and TIRED of....

...writing in proper English! Why must I write in proper English? In office I suffer kao kao with all the blardy formal latter liao. All the "as informed, as advised, we inform, we advise, duly noted, duly advise, agreeable, non agreeable…". Shit mann!!!

Reading agreements also another case, all the canggih-fied old English, problematic. Read only, also feel like vomiting already! Why can’t they just blardy use simple everyday English in agreements? Why the hell must they use all the canggih-fied words/terminologies to confuse people?
I guess this is one of their way to blardy trick people into signing the damn agreement and when found out later what is the real meaning or content, shit… too late to do anything anymore.

This is still not so scary, at least the people that I dealt with who came out with those canggih-fied agreement can speak proper English. I actually know of someone, who couldn’t speak proper English, and is doing a law degree. Sometimes I wonder if they understand a singer damn thing in the text book. or, would they be capable of advising their client ?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not against the usage of proper English, in fact, everyone SHOULD learn the proper English. I can read, write and converse in proper English, I sometimes can even converse with some pretencious angmoh accent. It is just that I choose not to use them when I am blogging.

And from this post onwards, please don’t expect me to use proper English as I am so sick and tired of being so damn blardy proper!!!!! And if you cannot accept reading improper English, then I would suggest you to bugger off !! Please don’t flame me for using improper English, because this is my space, and I happened to like using improper English! Get it???

Thank you very much!!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Recent Read 4

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger
Posted by Picasa

If you think your boss is from hell, wait till you read this!

This book is stuitable for fun reading.

Recent Read 3

Just Friends by Robyn Sisman Posted by Picasa

Recent Read 2

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon. Posted by Picasa

Recent Read 1

The Davinci Code by Dan Brown
I have read so many raving review on this novel. and I thought maybe I should try reading it.
What do I think about this novel?? Well, I do not like it. Mainly because it kind of smeared the image of Christianity. Some people actually asked me whether all the bullocks mentioned in the book about Christianity is true. Well, I tried very hard to explain to them that MOST are not.
For you guys out there, if you would like to know how far you can rely on this fiction to get a better picture of Christianity, I would strongly suggest you read something else before reading this novel. Try to read the BIBLE first.


Yesterday was my birthday.
One year older, and yes, hopefully wiser too ;)
Thank you AS, CYH, JL,LAL, LAV,MLM & WSL for the lovely Japanese lunch. I really enjoyed it.
Thank you Ywai Yuen for the lovely birthday card and your sms b'day wishes. You are indeed a special friend to me. I will treasure every moment that we spent and looking forward to spending more precious moments with you.
Thank you darling WH for the thermos mug (with strainer, so that I can drink my fruits/flower tea without much hassle) you are so thoughtful.
Thank you ma, for the ang pow...
Thank you Ying, Mart, Wei Tse, Gillian, Jennifer for the b'day wishes on Montok..
*ying, you still owe me something erhh...*
Banyak-banyak terima kasih!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Posted by Picasa
DON'T PISS ME OFF...... I'll let you have a taste of my KILLER CLAW !!

Scared lehhh.....

Work RANT !!

This is my story. I work with a corporate recovery firm, a.k.a the legal loan shark. Our main clients are banks. Big ones, small ones, calculative ones, not-so-calculative ones, intelligent ones and the not-so-intelligent ones.

People might ask “ok so what…? What do you guys do then??”

Ever heard of borrowing from Bank? Well, if a company borrow mullah from the Bank, and subsequently default their loan, of which, the loan is secured by a document referred to as the Debenture, the Bank will exercise their rights pursuant to the Debenture and appoint an agent called the Receiver and Manager to help them recover their debts, or in most cases, to minimize their exposure by selling of the company’s assets.

I am the lucky one! I handle both operating and non operating portfolios. Handling non-operating companies is boring, but no hassle whilst handling the operating companies is a totally different story. What’s the difference? One would ask.

For non-operating, we go in, identify all the assets, sell the assets at a sky high price and remit the proceeds to the bank.


For operating companies, we have to handle their day-to-day business, i.e. management.
We will be the management team. The management power of the directors and the management will ceased and the power will fall to the Receiver and Manager.
We have to deal with employees in every hierarchy level, and even the TOP, which in my opinion is the most difficult ones. They manipulate you, deceives you, con you… all sorts of funny things that you don’t normally see.
This particular director that I dealt with, although he is a ‘kind old man’ but, what I dislike him the most is that he always like to ask me to expedite things for him the last min. Ohhh.. can you please issue the cheques to me BY TODAY? Can you please prepare this BY TODAY, can you please prepare that BY TODAY???!!! Shit! What do you think? I am your slave? I have nothing else to do in the office? EVERY TIME – LAST MIN! I am so sick and tired of him that sometimes I don’t even want to layan him.

And when it comes to selling assets, most people would think they could get a bargain from us. Bargain my ass, bargain is the LAST thing that you would get. What do you think? The bank has already incur enough losses. Do you think they will sell off the assets with a price below market value??? Dream on my friend!
And when they couldn’t get what they want, they call you and whine and whine and whine !!!

Sheesshhh!! All sorts of funny character around…!! I can't say I enjoyed every single moment dealing with these people, but, sometimes, when I'm not in a good mood, I get to screw theses people left right and centre, asked them to eat shit and die (not exactly, but close)...and they do not dare to say a single thing (at least not in front of me). This is what makes it entertaining ;)

Monday, July 11, 2005


I am now stranded in a big, old, lousy factory. Without the oh-I cannot-live-without-you internet access!! Sheesh!! Why why why??!!! Why is it so God damn difficult to subscribe to a freaking direct line??? Why why why??!!!

I am in agony, how am I going to spend my time? You can’t blame me because my life basically my life evolves around the internet access. Look, I MSN during working hour (NOT ONLY limited to good ole’ gossip). I blog during working hour. We (my colleague and I) gossip (or should I put it in a better manner, update) among ourselves thru e-mails during working hours. I do all sorts of things, both JOB RELATED (mind you) and non-job related stuffs during working hour, all because I can access to the oh-so-wonderful internet! What am I going to do now? What am I going to do??????

I am so damn bored. So damn board. So damn board. So damn board.
So damn board. So damn board. So damn board. So damn board. So damn board. So damn board. So damn board. So damn board. So damn board. So damn board. So damn board. So damn board. So damn board… You get the picture.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Are They Ever Going To Stop???

This time attack in London, killing more than 50 people and wounded 700 more! What the hell is wrong with our world today?

Why the hell would they want to harm innocent people? Civilians are not the one that they are after! Civilians are innocent! Why to this to their family??
The world is so screwed up that no one can ever have an aswer for it......
May God have mercy upon our world??

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Utter Disappointment

Have you ever felt so disappointed with the company/firm that you work for?
Well, this is exactly how I felt for the past few days (and am still feeling). Let me just give you a gist of the whole story.
See, our holding company is based in Hong Kong, we have offices in Hong Kong (of course), Singapore, Thailand and Kuala Lumpur. One fine day, we received an e-mail (how wonderful !!) from our Hong Kong partner (former) informing all the offices that he is a retiring and the company in Hong Kong is joining another group wef the NEXT DAY ! and the MOST REDICULOUS thing is that ONLY Hong Kong and Singapore office are joining. For Thailand and Kuala Lumpur... it's a bye bye, you guys are not following our big fat asses!! finally, at the end of the email that bugger wished us all luck! (yeah right !!)
SHIT, we are being left out! we are being disowned! we are being betrayed! we are being deceived!!!!!
how can this happened??? We basically found out through e-mail (reiterate: how wonderful!!)
... our general manager and the former Hong Kong partner (now shareholder of our company, who is also here today to address the issue) reassure us that everything will remain as before. In our mind, we are like "how the hell is this possible???!!!........... "
I have to stop now. All this is making me so so so so sick.
I feel like quiting.. I really am !!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I'll try ....

I'll try to put donw at least a few lines a day.
I'll try not to procrastinate.
I'll try to curse and swear less.
I'll try to be a better person.
I promise. I'll try....

Yeah right!