Sunday, July 31, 2005

Bahh! Stupidity!

Today sure is a hot day. After a nice walk at the Mont Kiara's flea market, I decided to buy my sister, my side kick and myself a McDonald's sundae cone. Yummm... it is PERFECT for a hot day like this.
Went into McDonald's. Wow the queue was Looooonnnnnngggggg.
Never mind, I can wait. The girl who served at the counter that I was queing was EXTRA SLOW!
"Never mind, I can wait. Sabar Sabar. I can wait." I told myself.
My turn finally came. I ordered 2 regular and 1 large. The bill came out to RM3.15. I gave a her RM10, then few secs later, told her I'll give her the 15 cents, coz I don not need extra coins in my purse.
As I handed her my 15 cents, she told me "sorry, sudah pun key in..."
she refused to take my 15 cents! she refused to take my 15 cents!!!
(well, I think she doesn't know her math! and is so afraid that she'll return me the wrong amount of change)
I looked her in the eye and told her "hey look, I don't need the extra coins, just blardy (well, actually I didn't say the B word) take the 15 cents, and return me RM7!
She looked really CONFUSED!
I told her again "Look, you WON'T blardy (again, didn't use the B word, but so wanted to) loose out! Tak perlu tanggung apa-apa!" and shoved the 15 cents right infront of her face... heh heh
She then reluctantly took my 15 cents and gave me back my RM7.
I think McDonald's should hire more intelligent being. Even as a counter girl.


Blogger Prince of Darkness said...

Maybe the next time McD should provide ‘em with poor maths with a calculator or Yang Yi you should bring a calculator and prove it to her…Haha

It’s not only you that face this. I dun really mind keeping coins but definitely not in my pocket. I usually keep ‘em and feed my piggy bank. Wakaka

1:23 AM  

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