Friday, July 15, 2005

I am so SICK and TIRED of....

...writing in proper English! Why must I write in proper English? In office I suffer kao kao with all the blardy formal latter liao. All the "as informed, as advised, we inform, we advise, duly noted, duly advise, agreeable, non agreeable…". Shit mann!!!

Reading agreements also another case, all the canggih-fied old English, problematic. Read only, also feel like vomiting already! Why can’t they just blardy use simple everyday English in agreements? Why the hell must they use all the canggih-fied words/terminologies to confuse people?
I guess this is one of their way to blardy trick people into signing the damn agreement and when found out later what is the real meaning or content, shit… too late to do anything anymore.

This is still not so scary, at least the people that I dealt with who came out with those canggih-fied agreement can speak proper English. I actually know of someone, who couldn’t speak proper English, and is doing a law degree. Sometimes I wonder if they understand a singer damn thing in the text book. or, would they be capable of advising their client ?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not against the usage of proper English, in fact, everyone SHOULD learn the proper English. I can read, write and converse in proper English, I sometimes can even converse with some pretencious angmoh accent. It is just that I choose not to use them when I am blogging.

And from this post onwards, please don’t expect me to use proper English as I am so sick and tired of being so damn blardy proper!!!!! And if you cannot accept reading improper English, then I would suggest you to bugger off !! Please don’t flame me for using improper English, because this is my space, and I happened to like using improper English! Get it???

Thank you very much!!!!!


Blogger Prince of Darkness said...

For me, the important point is to be able to deliver your points out. Here, in my Uni, there are people who are not good in English, but able to score in Exam. What does this indicate? Use simpler English and able to deliver all the messages to the reader.

12:26 AM  

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