Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Idiot !!

I went to One Utama with my sis yesterday. We had a great time there shopping (window shopping)... until...
When we were about to leave, we realised that this particular stupid idiot, mentally challenged homo-sapiens who conveniently parked his car behind mine (his car wasn't park at a proper parking space), which is also unfortunately a tad too close to my car! It took me a good 20 min, 20 FREAKING MIN to reverse my car out. Reverse, Drive, Reverse Drive, Reverse Drive (repeat actions 1001 times!!!)
By the time I got my car out, I was just so darn pissed that I actually wanted to scratch the idiot's car. But, instead, I was kind enough to leave the idiot a note, to remind the idiot not to repeat this idiotic action of his/hers anymore.
The note, is posted here, but I bet you can't see a thing (damn the phone camera) anyway, I'll summarise the salient point:
Dear Mother Fucker,
If you have no common sense when comes to where to park your car, or your pig brain isn't functioning well, I would suggest you not to drive and perhaps burn your car, if not, you could also go to hell!!
If you are the owner of the car, I would like to inform you of the following:
You should be so thankful that I didn't scratch your car... I was SO TEMPTED.
No, I am not sorry for the kind reminder that I left for you.
I am sorry I was driving my Waja instead of my VOLVO 240G.
Next time, if you want to park your car, park it at the designated lot. YOU IDIOT !!


Blogger Prince of Darkness said...

Hahaha, in too bad compared to my case. I went watch a race here in Miri 2 years back and guess what, this car is parking right behind my back. Unable to do anything all I do is to slam on the horn. No one come to my mercy...sad sad. After 50 min if dun remember wrongly, the car next to me move out and guess what, I need to move my car like snake over to the next parking just to get out. Tat time I am angry as well, but my anger doesn't burst till the guy came out and drove his car away RIGHT AFTER I AM ABOUT TO DO MY FINAL REVERSING TO THE MAIN ROAD. If he does not take his car away probably I will not be tat mad...This kind of people create stress in the community and brainless. If it's for 5 min I dun mind, but for 50 min...Blood’s boiling...

8:33 PM  
Blogger ying yi said...

LOL. If I were you, I would have done something stupid.... I can't think straight when my blood boils.

11:51 PM  
Blogger Prince of Darkness said...

Better not do something tat you will regret. Put yourself in their shoes and you shall have correct decision. There's no need to be so impatient. Things can be solved easily when you give it some space.

8:47 PM  

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