Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My Thought on our BELOVED Proton

I was running late this morning, I took way too much time styling my hair (my hair is on one of those bad mood day). Anyway, I’m suppose to leave house at 8.30 am LATEST, but I only managed to get out of the house at 8.45 am!

Went in the car (PROTON WAJA), started the engine, shifted my gear into reverse… zoooooooook, reversed all the way out, pressed my remote control to close the gate, reversed my car again. Then engaged to D… what the… no reaction? I thought I engaged to N. But when I looked again, yeah what, I’m in D, why isn’t the goddamn thing responding.


This is NOT the first time that this kind of thing is happening. It had happened on numerous occasions especially after the rain. Apparently, the wiring or whatever stupid goddamn electric board which controls the automatic transmission blardy short circuit! Due to the rain. Where got car like that? Goddamn it! Godddamn Proton.

Anyway, since this is not the first time, I knew instantly to shift it to 3, thank God it responded! Zooommm off to office, cursing and swearing all the way to the office. Nope, I ain’t gonna send to the workshop. Just need to let the blardy thing dry off and it’ll be its normal self again. (I once sent it to the Proton workshop, the guy told me “oh, memang macam itu, tidak boleh buat apa-apa, just pastikan tak kena air hujan…” “oh, it’s like that one, we can’t do much, just make sure that water doesn’t go in in future,,,” WTF??

I have always tell people that if I were to get a car, it’ll NEVER EVER gonna be a goddamn Proton! (the one that I’m currently driving belongs to my dad. Actually, my dad kind of bought it for me…) I’m not complaining, but hey, if I were to get a car myself, I will NEVER EVER gonna buy a goddamn Proton. Free one, I don’t mind.

Proton will NEVER improve. Not to say that I looked down on them, but hey… ask around, all the Proton drivers will definitely have something to complain. The WORST thing is that it is always the same problems that people are complaining. But still no goddamn improvement!

You know why there isn’t any improvement? Everyone knows why! Because the government is trying to protect them! Now the government will impose some stupid tax on those cars which they think will threaten the sale of Proton cars. How obvious can they get?

Let me tell you, even with those taxes imposed, I will still NOT get a Proton. I’ll rather get a second hand Japanese car than getting a brand new Proton. I’ll even consider Perodua!

People might think “wah.. action, Malaysian have to support Malaysian Car mahh… have to love your country mah…”

Well, I don’t car what people says, for, I AIN”T GONNA BUY ANY PROTON! Because it sucks!

Enough said!


Blogger Prince of Darkness said...

Hey gal, I totally agree with you. Proton sucks. Look at the new inventions of Proton and Perodua, Savvy and Myvvy. Perodua’s technology exceed Proton’s. An advantage to Perodua is the technology of Toyota, Daihatsu, and another company in which I forgot. From one accident tat I saw here in Miri a year ago, between a Kancil and a Wira, I tell you when I saw the Wira, the first thing tat strike my mind is tat the Kancil sure teruk than the Wira. Sekali, Kancil only a bit dent but poor Wira, hancur ady. Sigh…Proton, Proton, if they are not gonna improve, no one shall buy their cars.

11:49 PM  
Blogger ying yi said...

Totally agree with you. I hate Proton. Talk about Malaysia boleh.

10:24 PM  

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