Thursday, July 21, 2005

Traffic Jam.. Who to Blame?

Working in the City Centre is NOT a glamorous thing that I used to think it is. How naïve I was!
It takes me 1 hour every single day to get to office and back from office during the peak hour whilst only 20 min MAX during non peak hour (ie: only on SUNDAY morning)

People who work in our beloved KL city center have to endure the daily torture of traffic jam before getting to work and off work. It is like part of our life, without it, we, will feel absolutely miserable!

You might ask, “hmm… why is it so jam? Why is it so bad?” Well, I’ll tell you why!

stupid town planning
stupid road planning
stupid road condition
stupid auto traffic light timing
stupid inefficient bloody slow and expensive public transport system
stupid LRT who comes only with 3 miserable cabin, no matter peak, or non peak hour
Malaysians are very selfish, they refuse to car pool



What do traffic police do during peak hour? Mend the traffic?? Nope. Because our DBKL has timed the timing of the traffic light (which they thought it will help ease the traffic, boy, they are SO SO wrong!) so, you see policemen around during peak hour, but none of them are actually mending the traffic, what do they do?

Let me enlighten you on what they do. They would pounce on driver who stops at the yellow box, in front of the traffic light (in another word, trie to beat the traffic) !! The worst thing is they, the police, only does that during peak hour, on every single freaking day! so that they can issue more “summons” (you know why it is in inverted comma). By doing so, they have contributed more to the traffic jam, and they seems pleased about it!!

Thank you Mr Policemen!!


Blogger Prince of Darkness said...

I think I shall add one more to your list. It’s driver’s behavior. If the drivers do give way to other drivers, this will never happen. Don’t you think so? Human just ignore the rules don’t you agree? During traffic jam, we dun even care the color of the traffic light, even if it’s red. Don’t you agree?

8:59 PM  

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