Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Tuesday Blue

I do not blardy know if anyone actually suffers from Tuesday blue. I do not blardy care because I am currently suffering one!

Knowing how lazy I am and how much I dislike my job (especially on Monday), you must be wondering why the hell didn’t I make a fuss on Monday.

Well, it is plainly because I wasn’t in office on Monday. I was in Ipoh yesterday (unfortunately it was a one day trip, as usual, and I was the driver, as usual).

Anyway, my current state of mind is so disoriented till the extend that I forbid myself to pick up calls for fear that I would give wrong advises and/or convey wrong information to our client (that time I’ll be DEEP SHIT) and I bet I’ll dislike my job even more!

Tuesday. I hate Tuesday too…


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