Thursday, July 07, 2005

Utter Disappointment

Have you ever felt so disappointed with the company/firm that you work for?
Well, this is exactly how I felt for the past few days (and am still feeling). Let me just give you a gist of the whole story.
See, our holding company is based in Hong Kong, we have offices in Hong Kong (of course), Singapore, Thailand and Kuala Lumpur. One fine day, we received an e-mail (how wonderful !!) from our Hong Kong partner (former) informing all the offices that he is a retiring and the company in Hong Kong is joining another group wef the NEXT DAY ! and the MOST REDICULOUS thing is that ONLY Hong Kong and Singapore office are joining. For Thailand and Kuala Lumpur... it's a bye bye, you guys are not following our big fat asses!! finally, at the end of the email that bugger wished us all luck! (yeah right !!)
SHIT, we are being left out! we are being disowned! we are being betrayed! we are being deceived!!!!!
how can this happened??? We basically found out through e-mail (reiterate: how wonderful!!)
... our general manager and the former Hong Kong partner (now shareholder of our company, who is also here today to address the issue) reassure us that everything will remain as before. In our mind, we are like "how the hell is this possible???!!!........... "
I have to stop now. All this is making me so so so so sick.
I feel like quiting.. I really am !!


Blogger Hot Ma Ma said...

aiyo...very bad...

jus happen to see your blog...nice to meet you

12:25 PM  
Blogger ying yi said...

yes, very bad indeed. But I am quite sure everything will work out ;)

8:43 PM  

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