Friday, July 22, 2005

Wahh! SO HOT!

I had my lunch at Rain Nuddle House at KLCC with my colleagues. I ordered the Thai Udon Seafood Tom Yam. This dish is in one of those Chef recommended list.

The food wasn’t bad at all yummm...., but it was so SO DAMN SUPER DUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER HOT!!
I need to take a deeeeep breath before I put every single freaking scope of noodle into my month, imagine that... and when the udon touches my lips, it swelled up immediately... imagine that as well!
Later the toilet session sure will be very dahsyat.

Talking about toilet session. Just how many times do your clear your bowel a day?

For me, it’s an average of 3 times a day. My bowel is like the clock work, ticks like a swiss movement. Produces High Quantity shit and Hight Quality shit.

A shit factory with very very good quality control. Definitely better than our Proton.


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