Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Weekend Post

This is a summary of the stuffs that I did during the week end:


8.30 Mandarin tuition class (I teach mandarin to kindergarten kids. Thank God for kia su parents, if not, I won't be a few hundred bux richer. Heh heh)

12.00 Home. Lunch. Nap.

2.00 Hartamas. Wash and trim my hair. Stef created a new look for me. I looked like some girl from one of those Japanese mag =), wohoo hooo! I looked (and is still looking) GOOD!!

4.30 Went to Cat Whiskets. Bought a bangle which can't fit anyone coz it's wayyyyy tooooo smalll... Thank God I have small wrist (for once I'm thanking God for allowing me to be so thin!) The bangle looks good on me. Heh.

5.00 Went to some VCD shop. I wanted to buy Jerry Mcguire ONLY. But ended up buying Boggyman and A Lot Like Love as well. I like horror movies and all the lovey dovey movies which doesn't require me to fry my brain to try to figure out what the hell the movie is about.

5.30 Trapped in a jam in front of bloody Eastin. I should have used the SPRINT highway!

6.00 Home. Rumbble thru my closet, tried to find a perfect baju to wear to my little cousin's birthday dinner.

6.30 Found one, tried on with accessories. Satisfied. Bath.

7.00 Out. To restaurant near Kepong.

10.30 Stuffed! Went to uncle’s place.

11.30 Home. Sleep

9.30 Wake up, boil hot water – for my bath.

9.35 Rumble through closet, tried to figure out what to wear to church.

9.45 Water cooked. Bathe.

10.15 Style hair (yeah, it took me 45 min to style me hair).

11.00 Church.

1.00 Home. Lunch.

2.00 Send grandma to uncle’s place.

3.15 Left uncle’s place.

3.45 Hartamas flea market jalan jalan.

4.30 Home. Grab some vcds, to my side kick’s house in Kajang.

5.30 Kajang. Eat tongshui, Yumm Yummm. Chit-chat with my side kick’s mum.

6.30 Power nap.

7.00 Bathe.

7.30 Out for dinner. Breakfields. Dinner was really good. and CHEAP!

9.30 Kajang.

11.30 Chit chat with my side kick. Read “The Devil Wears Prada”. Head home.

12.30 Home. Sleep.

This is what I did during the weekend.

What about you?


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