Monday, August 29, 2005

Ying Yi was Here

Ying Yi and her sidekick and her sister was in Melaka (Malacca) for a day trip 2 weekends ago. It was an impromptu decision (I always like impromptu things).

Arrival time: 5.00
Walked around the Church area, went up to the St Francis Xavier Church, took some picture. My sister wanted to go to the A' Famosa, but I was too damn tired to walk!! I told her we could always make a trip down to Melaka, it's only 2 hours away from KL =)

Since I was blardy tired and blardy hungry and was about to make alot of fuss, my sidekick instantly knew what to do - Stuff my mouth with food.

He brought us to the Satay Celup place (a must visit place for me when I visit Melaka). We were at the shop at around 6.20, but was packed with people. I managed to grab a table for us. Sat down, ordered our drinks and I went off to choose the stuffs that I want to eat. Yummy yummy. I had lots of satay celup and flush down all the food with Shandy! Bliss!

After eating, it was around 7.45, we went to the MOST HAPPENING WEEKEND PLACE in Melaka, the Jonker Street. Jonker Street's like a night market i.e. pasar malam, but cleaner and much more interesting. I bought 2 mini fan, 1 straw bag (fuchsia color), 1 clog (not those red type where people wear in the kitchen lah) and of course bought some food as well.

We made a pit stop at the Geographer. My sis and I had this healthy drink called Honey and Vinegar, sidekick had beer.

After rejuvenating ourselves with healthy drinks and beer, we continue to explore every single shop along Jonker Street. I was fun!! and Hott!!

Departure time: 11.00 pm, reached KL at around 1.00 am.

Damn tired. The moment my head touches the pillow, I kong-ed out.

Should do this more often!

My Melaka (Malacca) Trip

Christ Church Melaka. Look at the Clear Blue Sky

Christ Church from another angle

St Francis Xavier Church

The statue of St Francis Xavier

St Francis Xavier Church

Satay Celup

Satay Celup, yummy yummy


heh... not life threatening matter lah.
But, would appreciate it if ANYONE, anyone would teach me how to post more than 1 photo in 1 post.
I've been trying to post my photos from my Melaka trip. I've got so many photos to share, I do not want to post 1 photo for 1 post. I want many PHOTOS in 1 post. Can anyone please help???!!!!
Tank Jiu Very MuJ
Xie Xie
Terima Kasih

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Little Update

Sorry for the lack of updates as I've been very busy - work of course!

I have this investigative audit job where by I NEED TO scrutinize EVERY SINGLE transaction stated in the cash book, match it against their supporting and match it against the bank statements!! Every single freaking item! Then record down whatever transaction which I think is out of the ordinary.

Interesting to see how directors manipulate the account... Interesting, but very very taxing!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Who blogs during office hour??


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Current Read Abandoned Read

The Curse of the Singles Table by Suzanne Schlosberg
So far so good... will post a breif review after I'm done!
UPDATE: I've stop reading this. Not very interesting....

Monday, August 22, 2005


This happened to a funny friend of mine not long ago.

That particular morning, he had some canggih-fied nasi kuning and yummy fattening creamy curry for breakfast before heading to his office.

When he reached office, his canggih-fied nasi kuning and the yummy fattening creamy curry decides to knock on his anal door and wanted out!

He has to find a way to release them FAST! REAL FAST!

He went into the lift to get to the toilet 2 floors below, (I have no idea why he didn’t use the toilet on his floor) with guests (and gas) knocking at the other side of his anal, just when the lift door was about to close…


The lift door closed.

He tried SO HARD to tahan. He tried his best to squeeze and hold, so that NOT ONE SINGLE ounce of gas will leak out undesirably, but he FAILED MISERABLY!

PoooooooTTTttt… Blimey! Quite loud some more, got smell some more!!!

Damn embarrassing!

Read the conversation below after the leaking incident.

F – My friend
CC – Chun Chic

F: er, sorry about that (really embarrassed, face all red.)
CC: it’s ok, that happens. I’ll PRETEND I didn’t hear that (awww… how sweet. How thoughtful!)

They became friends since. They exchange hellos the next time they bump into each other.

Isn’t it a great way to break the ice?

Saturday, August 20, 2005


... not the wall paint, not the glossy paint, DEFINITELY NOT the weather paint either!
Ever heard of the Estee Lauder Red Carpet Event?
I read in the newspaper that Estee Lauder has this Red Carpet Event. Basically it is a makeover thingy. You buy the voucher, you redeem product, the 'expert' will doll you up - your face and your hair. And last but not least, you'll get a photo shoot session (more of like a 5 min photo shoot session) and you get to take home the photo. 1 pathetic complementary photo!
Yup, I'm one of the sucker who actually went for it. hmm, maybe not so much of a sucker. I actually wanted to get a blusher and a canceller. That is why I went for it! HONEST! I SWEAR! If not, I would have opted for the RM280 package, but instead, I choose the RM200 package (RM170 redeemable for product and RM10 Metrojaya cash voucher, not a sucker right??)
The EVENT was held at Mid Valley. My friend LAL and I went there after work. I was pretty excited. But when I saw the people standing around after the makeover, I was abit skeptical. But hey, since the stuffs that I wanted to buy will cost me around RM170, I was thinking "Sod it! Might as well..."
My friend is smarter, since she has got nothing she wants, she decided to pass, and I seriously think she did not miss out anything.
I was told to sit on this high stool. First the EXPERT asked "May I shave shape your eyebrows?"
I looked at her sheepishly and said "Sure, why not!" - BIG MISTAKE.
After shaving shaping my eyebrows, my face looked so empty. "Never mind, let the expert do her work, she knows what is BEST for me" I thought to myself.
She started applying foundation on my face, as if my face is a canvas shitsheet. After the foundation, I looked like I am 10 times fairer, which in this case is not a good thing because I SPECIFICALLY told her I want MINIMAL, MINIMAL paint on my face.
"Never mind, Never mind, the EXPERT KNOWS BEST!"
She proceed to apply canceller and loose powder. Then, she dip her brush into some watercolors like palette and started to work on my eyes. First it was light lilac, then medium then dark.. tsk tsk tsk.. then mascara, then eyeliner(pencil), then more eyeshadow, then eyeliner (liquid), then blusher, then a different tone of blusher, then lipstick then lip gloss... DONE! and ta daaahhh..... with SO MUCH ICI on my face, I looked like a CHINESE OPERA SINGER. A CHINESE OPERA SINGER WITHOUT EYEBROWS! and I looked 10 years older. Not to mention my hair. TOTAL DISASTER!!
LAL said "you looked more mature...."
I said "Sod it, say I look older!!"
both of us laugh...
LAL said "I prefer you doing your own make up"
I said "Yes, I think so too...."
both of us laugh again!
Not to mention about the photo. Do you know that those darn photographer 'post' you as if you are playing with Barbie? like bending Barbie's body, turning Barbie's head, spreading Barbie's legs (not those type of spread you dirty minded people!!) and after all these, they expect you to SMILE NATURALLY!!
SHIT!! Damn susah.
The photographer clicking away his shutter, I, on the other hand am thinking to myself "When is it going to end??"
Finally! time for me to choose my photo. SHIT, they can do WONDERS with blardy ADOBE PHOTOSHOP! SHIT, all my dark eye ring, and WRINKLES are GONE. GONE with just few clicks!!! SHIT, an 80yo gandmama with the help of just a few clicks, taadaaa... turns instantly into a 30yo young lady (not me, I ain't 80 yet! and yes about the 80 to 30, I am exaggerating ABIT). I got my photo, not the best photo... but sod it, it is almost free (They actually tried to psycho me ino upgrading my package, telling me if I top up another RM150, I can get 4 photos, with wax and with frame). I am so not going to fall into their trap, hahahahahha!!
With so much ICI applied onto the canvas my face, I don't feel like a million dollar babe, but I felt like I'm one of those Vincent Van Gogh's painting - The ones that people see when he was still alive!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Lady Girl

My sister said "why never post Lady's photo?"
as such, to satisfy her....

This is a photo of Lady when she was still a baby (devil in the making).
Now she is fat and tall and very naughty. ONLY KNOWS HOW TO PLAY!
But I still love her. Cute right?

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Dream Dream Dream, D_R_E_A_M.....

I need a good rest rest! I am so tired and fuckstated frustrated with the corporate world. The constant bitching and lying and being paranoid is really wearing me off. I sometimes wonder why the fuck hell I choose to major in blardy accounting. Accounting is all about balancing. Ironically, everything about me is not balanced! Be it my body (too skinny!) be it my bank accounts (I shall not elaborate, but am definitely not as bad as Beck Bloomwood (now Becky Brandon nee Bloomwood) in the Shopaholic series), and my life! tsk tsk, is constantly revolving around work (sucks!), sleep, work (sucks!), sleep, and shopping (ALWAYS the same blardy shopping mall – One Utama)! And this routine and unexciting life really bores me to HELL.

So, I’ve been constantly dreaming, this is what I would like to do and to have if I could.

1. To take over my mother’s kindergarten. (I prefer dealing with children than adults. Children are allowed to act stupid BUT NOT ADULTS, when adults act stupid, I get VERY PISSED and it is definitely NOT GOOD for me! Therefore, children is a better choice. I SERIOUSLY do not mind all the whining and crying (not too often though) and I get really satisfied when I see a child improves/progress)…

2. To have a loving husband (who doesn’t want that???!!!)

3. To live a comfortable life (I DO NOT need to be filthy reach, I just NEED to life comfortably, buy whatever I NEED and occasionally splurge on more expensive items).

4. To have a double storey terrace house ( don’t have to be BIG, but definitely need to be comfy and cozy, interior needs to be nicely designed, furniture needs to match, preferable not located at Puchong or Sungai Buloh, no offence, but I really dislike those areas. My ideal place would be in PJ, to be more specific, the house that I am currently staying with my parents).

5. To have a car (preferably not Proton, as long as it is not Proton, I am fine!)

Eh! My dream, NOT TO DIFFICULT to achieve right??!! ATTAINABLE right??!!!

In the meantime, I should keep dreaming… while reviewing some boring Sale and Purchase Agreement.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Recent Read 9

Shopaholic and Sister by Sophie Kinsella
Takes away my BLUE!
Interesting as usual. Although some might find the story too shallow and naive and bimbo-ish, but this is excatly the way I like it!

The Stupidest Remark Made By the Bimbo-est Blond Bimbo

I thought these days, the beauty contestants are required to have a higher IQ level. Apparently I am WRONG! Dead Wrong.

I have nothing much to do on Thursday night. And as usual, when I have got nothing better to do, I surf the TV channel. Yes, I like channel surfing (hey, not only the male specie is entitled to hold the blardy remote, click press click press and experience the blood rush when you heat the right combo).

Anyway, I landed myself with AXNÂ?s Fear Factor. Ms America Fear Factor where they have got these Ms America contestants to participate.

One of the challenge was that the contestants were required to craw (on their back) in a tunnel, they were suppose to collect 3 keys, to open the 3 locks in order to get the flag to stop the time. Anyway, for the to collect each key, theyÂ?ll need to pull the rope down (key tied to rope), when they pull the rope, down will come 1) Fishes & guts 2) Fish Oil and 3) Worms.

Fine, not too tough. I think this is one of the EASIEST challenge IÂ?ve EVER SEEN! And I wonder whyÂ?..

This AMAZING blond contestant Laci, Ms Oklahoma made this comment of the year:

Ms Oklahoma: by the way, what is fish oil?

Ms District of Columbia: errrÂ? oil from fishesÂ?

Ms Oklahoma: you mean fishes have OIL???

Ms District of Columbia: Â?Â? (donÂ?t know what to sayÂ?.)


On national TV!!!

I hope she doesnÂ?t win the Ms America title. She cannot be representing USÂ? It will be a total disgrace and people will think that Americans are stupid, (no I didnÂ?t say they are stupid!!)

Monday, August 15, 2005

I know I know

I promised to update you guys on my penang food hunt, but I am just too darn tired, I got back from Penang on Sunday, and went to Ipoh on Monday (Ipoh for trip, work!)
For my Penang trip, I forgot to bring my digicam along (darn, darn, darn!!), so I took some shots using my mobile. Due to some software problems, I have to get my sister to upload the photos for me (honest! It's becuase of software problems, NOT BECAUSE I AM IT ILLITERATE!!!), and she is DARN BUSY nowadays. I DARE NOT bug her....
By the way, my sis is quite lousy. She is suppose to be the programming EXPERT! BUT BUT BUT, when I requested her to ASSIST me on linking my previous post, she COULDN'T REMEMBER HOW!! COULDN't REMEMBER.. bah!!! She is SUPPOSE to be the EXPERT. I guess now she is an EX-Pert.. hahahahahah!!!!
Give me a few more days... Thank you very much!!

Can You Keep a Secret?

If you can, read on....
this is the update that I promised.
Speed date at twelveSI.
ok, here's the deal. My friends and I(7 of us) decided to enroll ourselves in the speed dating event.
Don't get me wrong.I went along not because I'm unattached and desperate (FYI, my relationship with Mr side-kick is standing strong. REAL STRONG! and MY FRIENDS ARE NOT DESPERATE), but because:
1) I love my friends too much that I am willing to sacrifice my precious time to accompany them to this boring event. (as if...)
2) I want to keh poh. Never try, never know. At least now I can tell others that I've actually tried speed dating before.
Here's how it went:
The organizer brief us some of the rules and regulations (not much actually).
1) We the ladies, have our own designated table, the guys will come, and we chat for 5 min. Then move on, then on, then on.....
2) We will have to fill in a score card. Write their name down, give some comments (for me, I only wrote down their occupation...heh heh heh) and you circle y/n. Y means, Yes, I would want to know more about that person. N means Nolah...
3) If the person circle y, and you circle y as well,then congratulation, ding ding ding!!!! we have a match. If not... too bad, eat shit and die.
4) If we have a match, the organizer will forward the details (email and contact no) to the person so that further arrangement(s) can be made between the two.
*The condition of this speed date event is that participant has to be single. Normally, when you fill in forms, you are either: a. married or b. single. Although I am attached with someone but I am not married to that person, as such, I am still single.*
Anyway, during the date, I crapped so much so that I can't even recall what I said to those guys. AND, don't be judgmental (note to self), those guys were actually a decent bunch, some were actaully nervous. Not as bad as what I had anticipated ;)
I enjoyed talking my "dates", but this speed date thing is like any other of our office's gathering with clients.... The subject that I covered was mainly about my darn work. I didn't want to tell them too much about myself because I DIDN'T GO THERE TO FIND A MATCH REMEMBER?? I WENT THERE BECAUSE I LOVE MY FRIENDS AND I'M GENERALLY A VERY KEH POH PERSON. I bet those guys would think I'm boring. I did most of the talking and asking because I don't like to answer questions.. hahahahahah... those people don't even have time to ask me questions... I kept rambling and bombard them with tones of questions! I TALKED LOADS OF CRAP!
At the end of the session, we have to hand in the score card. And me being the PERFECT GIRL FRIEND of MR SIDE KICK, I circled N for every single "date" of mine.
To tell you the truth, having attended this speed date, I am actually counting my blessing and thanking God for Mr Side Kick.
If you re wondering, nope. I did not tell Mr Side Kick I went for speed dating (I don't want to get myself into trouble....) moreover, if I were to know if Mr Side Kick went for speed dating, I would PERSONALLY KILL HIM!!!
No harm for not letting him know. Sometimes, we have to have our little secrets.
As such, shhh, can you keep a secret and not let him know???? (not that you guys know who Mr Side Kick is and if you know who is he, DON'T YOU DARE TELL!!!)

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Sneak Preview ...

... on my next blog entry on:

1. My speed dating experience.
2. My food hunting weekend at Penang.

Stay tune for more fun, exciting.... blog.

Have a good weekend everyone!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Rant Rant Rant !!

Blardy! It took me 2 HOURS. 2 FREAKING HOUR!! to get home from office today!
Traffic was damn jam for no apparent reason!!!
As if the jam is not enough to torture me. My stomach tried to act cute... blardy!! Can you imagine, stuck in the blardy traffic for 2 FREAKING HOURS and your stomach suddenly wants to act cute??
Not very fun ok???

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Chest Pain

These days I developed this chest pain. You can't say it is painful, but you can feel as if someone is putting pressure on your chest. What is WRONG with me??
Shit, I am as thin as a chopstick, don't tell me I have heart problem mann....!!! I don't want to die young!!
Perhaps, perhaps it is due to my temper. Perhaps I should control my temper more. But, how could I when there are so many (mind you, NOT ALL!!) idiots around me. Just look at the previous post. Those stupid lazy bastards!!
OK OK, control my temper. ohmmmmmmmmm....
I just went to the bank to withdraw $$ (yes, I had to bring my passbook along). And SHIT! from the transactions shown on my passbook, I have spent.. er, lets just say I am a VERY BIG SPENDER! Where did all my money go??
From today onwards, I shall keep track of every single cent that I spend. and, I SHALL NOT BUY unneccessary stuffs anymore.
See hong long this will last, shall we?

Monday, August 08, 2005


The stupid air quality is still as bad, no improvement at all. By looking at the quality of our air, I can safely assume the fire is still burning strong over at Cyberjaya. Hence, my colleague and I decided to order McDonald's for lunch.

Since I am the one who suggested, I should be the one who make the order and pay FIRST. I called the delivery, ordered my food, bla bla bla, check my purse for money, OMG I have only RM10 left! I quickly make my way to the Bumiputra Commerce Bank downstairs to use their ATM to withdraw some dough.

Just I have inserted my card in, I felt something is wrong. True enough, the blardy machine wasn't responding. Blardy, they blardy ATM is hungrier than I am, it has swallowed my blardy ATM card.

I went into the bank, talk to one of their HELPFUL (not) teller.

Me: Encik, the ATM machine has swallowed my ATM card

Teller: (without much expression) er, that, kita tak boleh buat apa-apa (er, we can't do anything)- WTF??!!

(I gave him an annoyed look, come on, I only have RM10 in my purse, and my ATM card has been detained, what do you expect me to feel?!)

Me: Then how?

Teller: (Gave me this "are you stupid" kind of look) er, memang tak boleh buat apa-apa, kita tak ada kunci, kena tunggu Securiorforce punya orang datang, dia orang baru ada kunci, lepas itu, send card ke issuing branch, then mereka akan call you. (We can't do anything, have to wait for the Securiorforce people to come, they are the one with the key, when they come, after they retrieve the card, the card will be sent to the issuing branch and someone will contact you.)- WTF???

Me: Hurh? you mean you guys don't have keys?

Teller: Er, tak ada la, kita outsource kepada dia orang. (Nope, we outsource it to them) - WTF??? Although you outsource, you SHOULD blard hold a spare key lerh, in case of EMERGENCY like this!

Me: When are they coming?

Teller: Tak tau (don't know)

Me: Can't you call them and ask???

Teller: Nope, tak boleh! (can't do) - WTF!

Me: Then how am I going to withdraw money??

Teller: You ada passbook tak? (Do you have your passbook with you?)

Me: No, who would bring their passbook with them anywhere?

Teller: Macam tu, tak boleh lah (In this case, can not!) - SHIT that blardy teller didn't even offer me other alternatives, like ask me whether my saving account is a passbook saving, which you need your passbook to withdraw money OR statement saving, which means you don't need a passbook to withdraw money. Everything can't do anything, don't know don't know!!!

Me: Shit la, like that how?

Teller: Huh, Shit???

Me: Ya lah, shit la!! Your blardy ATM just swallowed my ATM card, and I need to withdraw money urgently, what do you expect? (walk out the bank angrily....)

I later call the branch to report on this, the head of ATM was nice enough, she told me I don't have to cancel my card (If I were to cancel it, I'll need to the original issuing branch (which is nowhere near my damn office), collect my card, wait for 2 weeks for the pin to be sent to my house), instead wait for the Securiorforce people to come. They'll retrieve the card, and return it to me - Shit, this wasn't conveyed to be by the blardy teller. Blardy! All along I thought I'll be ATM cardless for at least 2 blardy weeks!!!

Blardy!! What kind of blardy service is that??? Apparently, many people had lodged complain on that particular machine and those idiot bank people refused to do anything, damn it, at least leave a note there saying the blardy thing is faulty! DAMN IT! those lazy bastards are afraid that after putting the sign, people will come swarming in with their passbook to withdraw money. Like that, they'll be damn busy, no time to chit chat among each other and no time to take ciggie break!
Lazy bastards!

Recent Read 8

3rd book from the Shopaholic series:
Shopaholic Ties the Knot by Sophie Kinsella
Absolutely loving it!

Yes yes, I have also bought the 4th book.

Flu Bug?

My body is aching. Is it the flu bug or
is it the Monday Blue bug?
So, so no mood to work!

Friday, August 05, 2005

Recent Read 7

the 2nd book from the Shopaholic series:
Shopaholic Takes Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella
Funny as ever!
Just when Rebecca thought her life is so perfect, someone dropped her a bomb and her life took a 360 degree turn. Hilarious


You are such a major biatch!
you think you are always right?
But let me tell you,
You are not!
What will you get at the end of the day?
I wonder?
I wish you luck handling your own creation of he Devil,
who will have NOTHING, NOTHING to do with me,
not now nor in the future.
See you biatch, have a nice next life!

Pure, or Mere Stupidity?

This was published in The Star on 4 August 2005.


PETALING JAYA: She was overjoyed to know she had won more than RM3mil in the El Gordo Spanish lottery, but her elation changed to despair when she discovered that she was the victim of an elaborate scam.

Her troubles began in 2004.
Legal practitioner A. Pathmeswary received a letter purportedly from a sweepstakes lottery named Loteria Primitiva informing her that she had won US$815,960 (RM3.06mil).

She was told to liaise with the foreign operations manager of a company named Shamrock Agency SA Don Michael Santos to collect her reward.

Instead of giving her the money, the company asked her to pay insurance and taxes to the “government of Spain.”

The money had to be banked into the account of one John Freezeman.
Pathmeswary, who is in her 30s, borrowed from loan sharks after being told that she had to pay close to RM100,000.

“I paid RM91,000, of which RM80,000 was borrowed.

“My family members had to pawn their jewellery to give me a loan but it still wasn’t enough and I had to borrow from friends as well,” she said.

She borrowed another RM20,000 from loan sharks to cover the full amount.

Now, she is being hounded daily by the loan sharks for the money which, due to accumulated interest, has increased to more than RM40,000.

To add insult to injury, another letter was sent to her home, addressed to her nephew.

Almost identical to hers, it claimed that her nephew had won ?615,810 (RM2.8mil).

The Star called the agency in Spain but its officials were reluctant to give details.

One official, when asked about “winners” who could not claim their prize within the period given, said: “That is not a problem because I can use my influence to push it through.”

However, he said US$1,920 (RM7,200) must be paid for the transfer of the prize money.

He refused to give his particulars as he said it was against company policy.

“We have been in business for 12 years. We are not here to take your money. We get paid well enough by our company,” he said.
If I have the opportunity, I would like to convey this message to our Dear A. Pathmeswary:

Dear Ms A Pathmeswary,

I strongly believe that you are a naïve person who still believes money will fall from the sky.
I have no words of consolation to offer you. Nevertheless, I would like to request everyone to give you around of applause for your mere stupidity, which I can safely assume is caused by pure greed.

Nowadays, everyone (except you and morons) is aware of these type of scams. You are purely a disgrace to the professionals by falling into these scams. I have nothing else to say but to wish you good luck and hopefully you won’t fall into these scams in the future.

Ying Yi

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Try out this test. Just click on the picture to enlarge it.
I'm not going to post the answers here. If you want it, you gotta e-mail me!!! HAHAHAH!!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

3Ts men who desire more than one wife

This was published in The Star, Tuesday, 2 August 2005 (Parliment Section) .
I strongly urge you to read on.... hah hah hah
3Ts men who desire more than one wife

THERE is apparently a huge pool of men out there known as 3Ts, the Dewan was told.

It stands for “teringin tapi takut” –(translation: desire but chicken shit) men who desire for more than one wife but are not polygamous for fear of not being able to act justly.

Idris Haron (BN – Tangga Batu) said many Muslim men were believed to fall under the 3T category.

In jest, he conceded that he, too, was a 3T. (Horny old guy?)

Women, he said, should also be blamed because some of them preferred to court married men.
“It surely takes two to tango. How can a man disappoint a woman if she professes her liking for him? Otherwise, she would cry,”(what the... what kind of MORON gives this kind of excuse? Shit! I cannot believe it! People with a certain level of IQ will definately NOT make such moronic idoitic comment!)
he said during the debate on the Syariah Criminal Procedure (Federal Territories) Bill.

Chong Eng (DAP – Bukit Mertajam), while agreeing with his remarks that some women were partly to blame (thank you very much, very conveniently blame the women when men are the ones who can't keep their d**k in the pants! By the way, aren't you suppose to be on the women's side? you traitor!), said married men must keep in mind their marriage vows and responsibility (I do agree with him on this).
“Men should tell the other woman about their marital status. Otherwise, what are you going to do if there are 1,000 women who want to marry you?” she asked (she has got some points).

Fong Po Kuan (DAP – Batu Gajah) said statistics showed that there were more women than men aged between 65 and 75 years old.
“Men should then take wives from this age category,” suggested Fong to hoots of the laughter from the MPs (to all men: if you are within the age group and you have young wives or girlfriend, trust me, it is not for love, DEFINATELY NOT FOR LOVE. You are either 1. DAMN BLARDY RICH, or 2. someone with DAMN BLARDY HIGH SEX DRIVE).

Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin (BN - Kinabatangan) cut in, saying: “Mana boleh. Siapa mahu?” (That’s not possible. Who wants to do that?)
“Maybe YB Ipoh Timor (Lim Kit Siang) would want someone from that age,” he added (HAHAHAHAHA, But I believe Lim Kit Siang wouldn't want lah).
Fong proposed that the Government review the amendments to the Islamic Family Law Enactment to ensure that those who practised polygamy were capable of being fair towards each of their wives (how can you be fair hurh? define fair! Fair is not to have MORE THAN ONE WIFE).

Salahudin Ayob (PAS – Kubang Kerian) said polygamy should be looked at on a case-by-case basis, adding that justice was most important (case by case? how to review? lunatic like ayah pin has got four wives, review case by case my arse!).

Winding up, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Abdullah Md Zain said not all polygamy cases were allowed by the Syariah court (not all but MOST).

The court had to be satisfied that the man would be able to provide for each of his wives and act justly towards them, he said (Provide. Define provide. Provide money? Porvide sex??)

Monday, August 01, 2005


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