Monday, August 15, 2005

Can You Keep a Secret?

If you can, read on....
this is the update that I promised.
Speed date at twelveSI.
ok, here's the deal. My friends and I(7 of us) decided to enroll ourselves in the speed dating event.
Don't get me wrong.I went along not because I'm unattached and desperate (FYI, my relationship with Mr side-kick is standing strong. REAL STRONG! and MY FRIENDS ARE NOT DESPERATE), but because:
1) I love my friends too much that I am willing to sacrifice my precious time to accompany them to this boring event. (as if...)
2) I want to keh poh. Never try, never know. At least now I can tell others that I've actually tried speed dating before.
Here's how it went:
The organizer brief us some of the rules and regulations (not much actually).
1) We the ladies, have our own designated table, the guys will come, and we chat for 5 min. Then move on, then on, then on.....
2) We will have to fill in a score card. Write their name down, give some comments (for me, I only wrote down their occupation...heh heh heh) and you circle y/n. Y means, Yes, I would want to know more about that person. N means Nolah...
3) If the person circle y, and you circle y as well,then congratulation, ding ding ding!!!! we have a match. If not... too bad, eat shit and die.
4) If we have a match, the organizer will forward the details (email and contact no) to the person so that further arrangement(s) can be made between the two.
*The condition of this speed date event is that participant has to be single. Normally, when you fill in forms, you are either: a. married or b. single. Although I am attached with someone but I am not married to that person, as such, I am still single.*
Anyway, during the date, I crapped so much so that I can't even recall what I said to those guys. AND, don't be judgmental (note to self), those guys were actually a decent bunch, some were actaully nervous. Not as bad as what I had anticipated ;)
I enjoyed talking my "dates", but this speed date thing is like any other of our office's gathering with clients.... The subject that I covered was mainly about my darn work. I didn't want to tell them too much about myself because I DIDN'T GO THERE TO FIND A MATCH REMEMBER?? I WENT THERE BECAUSE I LOVE MY FRIENDS AND I'M GENERALLY A VERY KEH POH PERSON. I bet those guys would think I'm boring. I did most of the talking and asking because I don't like to answer questions.. hahahahahah... those people don't even have time to ask me questions... I kept rambling and bombard them with tones of questions! I TALKED LOADS OF CRAP!
At the end of the session, we have to hand in the score card. And me being the PERFECT GIRL FRIEND of MR SIDE KICK, I circled N for every single "date" of mine.
To tell you the truth, having attended this speed date, I am actually counting my blessing and thanking God for Mr Side Kick.
If you re wondering, nope. I did not tell Mr Side Kick I went for speed dating (I don't want to get myself into trouble....) moreover, if I were to know if Mr Side Kick went for speed dating, I would PERSONALLY KILL HIM!!!
No harm for not letting him know. Sometimes, we have to have our little secrets.
As such, shhh, can you keep a secret and not let him know???? (not that you guys know who Mr Side Kick is and if you know who is he, DON'T YOU DARE TELL!!!)


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