Monday, August 08, 2005


The stupid air quality is still as bad, no improvement at all. By looking at the quality of our air, I can safely assume the fire is still burning strong over at Cyberjaya. Hence, my colleague and I decided to order McDonald's for lunch.

Since I am the one who suggested, I should be the one who make the order and pay FIRST. I called the delivery, ordered my food, bla bla bla, check my purse for money, OMG I have only RM10 left! I quickly make my way to the Bumiputra Commerce Bank downstairs to use their ATM to withdraw some dough.

Just I have inserted my card in, I felt something is wrong. True enough, the blardy machine wasn't responding. Blardy, they blardy ATM is hungrier than I am, it has swallowed my blardy ATM card.

I went into the bank, talk to one of their HELPFUL (not) teller.

Me: Encik, the ATM machine has swallowed my ATM card

Teller: (without much expression) er, that, kita tak boleh buat apa-apa (er, we can't do anything)- WTF??!!

(I gave him an annoyed look, come on, I only have RM10 in my purse, and my ATM card has been detained, what do you expect me to feel?!)

Me: Then how?

Teller: (Gave me this "are you stupid" kind of look) er, memang tak boleh buat apa-apa, kita tak ada kunci, kena tunggu Securiorforce punya orang datang, dia orang baru ada kunci, lepas itu, send card ke issuing branch, then mereka akan call you. (We can't do anything, have to wait for the Securiorforce people to come, they are the one with the key, when they come, after they retrieve the card, the card will be sent to the issuing branch and someone will contact you.)- WTF???

Me: Hurh? you mean you guys don't have keys?

Teller: Er, tak ada la, kita outsource kepada dia orang. (Nope, we outsource it to them) - WTF??? Although you outsource, you SHOULD blard hold a spare key lerh, in case of EMERGENCY like this!

Me: When are they coming?

Teller: Tak tau (don't know)

Me: Can't you call them and ask???

Teller: Nope, tak boleh! (can't do) - WTF!

Me: Then how am I going to withdraw money??

Teller: You ada passbook tak? (Do you have your passbook with you?)

Me: No, who would bring their passbook with them anywhere?

Teller: Macam tu, tak boleh lah (In this case, can not!) - SHIT that blardy teller didn't even offer me other alternatives, like ask me whether my saving account is a passbook saving, which you need your passbook to withdraw money OR statement saving, which means you don't need a passbook to withdraw money. Everything can't do anything, don't know don't know!!!

Me: Shit la, like that how?

Teller: Huh, Shit???

Me: Ya lah, shit la!! Your blardy ATM just swallowed my ATM card, and I need to withdraw money urgently, what do you expect? (walk out the bank angrily....)

I later call the branch to report on this, the head of ATM was nice enough, she told me I don't have to cancel my card (If I were to cancel it, I'll need to the original issuing branch (which is nowhere near my damn office), collect my card, wait for 2 weeks for the pin to be sent to my house), instead wait for the Securiorforce people to come. They'll retrieve the card, and return it to me - Shit, this wasn't conveyed to be by the blardy teller. Blardy! All along I thought I'll be ATM cardless for at least 2 blardy weeks!!!

Blardy!! What kind of blardy service is that??? Apparently, many people had lodged complain on that particular machine and those idiot bank people refused to do anything, damn it, at least leave a note there saying the blardy thing is faulty! DAMN IT! those lazy bastards are afraid that after putting the sign, people will come swarming in with their passbook to withdraw money. Like that, they'll be damn busy, no time to chit chat among each other and no time to take ciggie break!
Lazy bastards!


Blogger Prince of Darkness said...

Yo gal, seems like the hot weather and the smelly air do have effects on us humans eh? Bad tempered. Problem with machine? It’s not only you that are facing this…Some of the machine really need to be repaired. There is one machine tat I used to take money with, unable to return my card. What happened to my card? It got suck right at the entrance of the slot. WTF? How on earth does it stick there? I have no idea either till a guard come with a caliper to take out my card. I wonder what the bank is doing with the funds. They should’ve repaired the bloody machine, or else switch to other banks is an alternative. Sigh~~~

12:22 AM  

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