Thursday, August 18, 2005

Dream Dream Dream, D_R_E_A_M.....

I need a good rest rest! I am so tired and fuckstated frustrated with the corporate world. The constant bitching and lying and being paranoid is really wearing me off. I sometimes wonder why the fuck hell I choose to major in blardy accounting. Accounting is all about balancing. Ironically, everything about me is not balanced! Be it my body (too skinny!) be it my bank accounts (I shall not elaborate, but am definitely not as bad as Beck Bloomwood (now Becky Brandon nee Bloomwood) in the Shopaholic series), and my life! tsk tsk, is constantly revolving around work (sucks!), sleep, work (sucks!), sleep, and shopping (ALWAYS the same blardy shopping mall – One Utama)! And this routine and unexciting life really bores me to HELL.

So, I’ve been constantly dreaming, this is what I would like to do and to have if I could.

1. To take over my mother’s kindergarten. (I prefer dealing with children than adults. Children are allowed to act stupid BUT NOT ADULTS, when adults act stupid, I get VERY PISSED and it is definitely NOT GOOD for me! Therefore, children is a better choice. I SERIOUSLY do not mind all the whining and crying (not too often though) and I get really satisfied when I see a child improves/progress)…

2. To have a loving husband (who doesn’t want that???!!!)

3. To live a comfortable life (I DO NOT need to be filthy reach, I just NEED to life comfortably, buy whatever I NEED and occasionally splurge on more expensive items).

4. To have a double storey terrace house ( don’t have to be BIG, but definitely need to be comfy and cozy, interior needs to be nicely designed, furniture needs to match, preferable not located at Puchong or Sungai Buloh, no offence, but I really dislike those areas. My ideal place would be in PJ, to be more specific, the house that I am currently staying with my parents).

5. To have a car (preferably not Proton, as long as it is not Proton, I am fine!)

Eh! My dream, NOT TO DIFFICULT to achieve right??!! ATTAINABLE right??!!!

In the meantime, I should keep dreaming… while reviewing some boring Sale and Purchase Agreement.


Blogger Prince of Darkness said...

Wow, you prefer to deal with kids? Phuh~~Sometimes I wish tat I'm able to run away from kids. Esp those running about outside my house. There are just too many kids at my area in which is intolerable ady. Few days back, I nearly bang one kid. Damn...I wonder how I can make them all go away.

For you dreams, make it come true. All you need is a loving boyfriend and then husband. All you need to do to achieve the rest depends on the hard work tat both of you put together.

11:04 PM  
Blogger mitochondria said...

Woohoo!!!! the sidekick is here. yeah man. reviewing those SPA sucks big time. lemme correct that, reviewing any legal docs really sucks.

4:16 PM  

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