Monday, August 15, 2005

I know I know

I promised to update you guys on my penang food hunt, but I am just too darn tired, I got back from Penang on Sunday, and went to Ipoh on Monday (Ipoh for trip, work!)
For my Penang trip, I forgot to bring my digicam along (darn, darn, darn!!), so I took some shots using my mobile. Due to some software problems, I have to get my sister to upload the photos for me (honest! It's becuase of software problems, NOT BECAUSE I AM IT ILLITERATE!!!), and she is DARN BUSY nowadays. I DARE NOT bug her....
By the way, my sis is quite lousy. She is suppose to be the programming EXPERT! BUT BUT BUT, when I requested her to ASSIST me on linking my previous post, she COULDN'T REMEMBER HOW!! COULDN't REMEMBER.. bah!!! She is SUPPOSE to be the EXPERT. I guess now she is an EX-Pert.. hahahahahah!!!!
Give me a few more days... Thank you very much!!


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