Saturday, August 20, 2005


... not the wall paint, not the glossy paint, DEFINITELY NOT the weather paint either!
Ever heard of the Estee Lauder Red Carpet Event?
I read in the newspaper that Estee Lauder has this Red Carpet Event. Basically it is a makeover thingy. You buy the voucher, you redeem product, the 'expert' will doll you up - your face and your hair. And last but not least, you'll get a photo shoot session (more of like a 5 min photo shoot session) and you get to take home the photo. 1 pathetic complementary photo!
Yup, I'm one of the sucker who actually went for it. hmm, maybe not so much of a sucker. I actually wanted to get a blusher and a canceller. That is why I went for it! HONEST! I SWEAR! If not, I would have opted for the RM280 package, but instead, I choose the RM200 package (RM170 redeemable for product and RM10 Metrojaya cash voucher, not a sucker right??)
The EVENT was held at Mid Valley. My friend LAL and I went there after work. I was pretty excited. But when I saw the people standing around after the makeover, I was abit skeptical. But hey, since the stuffs that I wanted to buy will cost me around RM170, I was thinking "Sod it! Might as well..."
My friend is smarter, since she has got nothing she wants, she decided to pass, and I seriously think she did not miss out anything.
I was told to sit on this high stool. First the EXPERT asked "May I shave shape your eyebrows?"
I looked at her sheepishly and said "Sure, why not!" - BIG MISTAKE.
After shaving shaping my eyebrows, my face looked so empty. "Never mind, let the expert do her work, she knows what is BEST for me" I thought to myself.
She started applying foundation on my face, as if my face is a canvas shitsheet. After the foundation, I looked like I am 10 times fairer, which in this case is not a good thing because I SPECIFICALLY told her I want MINIMAL, MINIMAL paint on my face.
"Never mind, Never mind, the EXPERT KNOWS BEST!"
She proceed to apply canceller and loose powder. Then, she dip her brush into some watercolors like palette and started to work on my eyes. First it was light lilac, then medium then dark.. tsk tsk tsk.. then mascara, then eyeliner(pencil), then more eyeshadow, then eyeliner (liquid), then blusher, then a different tone of blusher, then lipstick then lip gloss... DONE! and ta daaahhh..... with SO MUCH ICI on my face, I looked like a CHINESE OPERA SINGER. A CHINESE OPERA SINGER WITHOUT EYEBROWS! and I looked 10 years older. Not to mention my hair. TOTAL DISASTER!!
LAL said "you looked more mature...."
I said "Sod it, say I look older!!"
both of us laugh...
LAL said "I prefer you doing your own make up"
I said "Yes, I think so too...."
both of us laugh again!
Not to mention about the photo. Do you know that those darn photographer 'post' you as if you are playing with Barbie? like bending Barbie's body, turning Barbie's head, spreading Barbie's legs (not those type of spread you dirty minded people!!) and after all these, they expect you to SMILE NATURALLY!!
SHIT!! Damn susah.
The photographer clicking away his shutter, I, on the other hand am thinking to myself "When is it going to end??"
Finally! time for me to choose my photo. SHIT, they can do WONDERS with blardy ADOBE PHOTOSHOP! SHIT, all my dark eye ring, and WRINKLES are GONE. GONE with just few clicks!!! SHIT, an 80yo gandmama with the help of just a few clicks, taadaaa... turns instantly into a 30yo young lady (not me, I ain't 80 yet! and yes about the 80 to 30, I am exaggerating ABIT). I got my photo, not the best photo... but sod it, it is almost free (They actually tried to psycho me ino upgrading my package, telling me if I top up another RM150, I can get 4 photos, with wax and with frame). I am so not going to fall into their trap, hahahahahha!!
With so much ICI applied onto the canvas my face, I don't feel like a million dollar babe, but I felt like I'm one of those Vincent Van Gogh's painting - The ones that people see when he was still alive!


Blogger Prince of Darkness said...

Indeed, computer can do wonders. Why don’t you post up the photo along with actual photo so we are able to make comparison? Dun worry, no one's gotta laugh at you. Or else you can just use email if you do mind posting and dun mind me looking.

8:12 AM  
Blogger ying yi said...

no thank you. I looked like a chinese opera singer.. no thank you ;)

9:20 AM  
Blogger Prince of Darkness said...

Should be alright what. Even opera singer take photos. Common, post it up la...

12:36 PM  

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