Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Stupidest Remark Made By the Bimbo-est Blond Bimbo

I thought these days, the beauty contestants are required to have a higher IQ level. Apparently I am WRONG! Dead Wrong.

I have nothing much to do on Thursday night. And as usual, when I have got nothing better to do, I surf the TV channel. Yes, I like channel surfing (hey, not only the male specie is entitled to hold the blardy remote, click press click press and experience the blood rush when you heat the right combo).

Anyway, I landed myself with AXNÂ?s Fear Factor. Ms America Fear Factor where they have got these Ms America contestants to participate.

One of the challenge was that the contestants were required to craw (on their back) in a tunnel, they were suppose to collect 3 keys, to open the 3 locks in order to get the flag to stop the time. Anyway, for the to collect each key, theyÂ?ll need to pull the rope down (key tied to rope), when they pull the rope, down will come 1) Fishes & guts 2) Fish Oil and 3) Worms.

Fine, not too tough. I think this is one of the EASIEST challenge IÂ?ve EVER SEEN! And I wonder whyÂ?..

This AMAZING blond contestant Laci, Ms Oklahoma made this comment of the year:

Ms Oklahoma: by the way, what is fish oil?

Ms District of Columbia: errrÂ? oil from fishesÂ?

Ms Oklahoma: you mean fishes have OIL???

Ms District of Columbia: Â?Â? (donÂ?t know what to sayÂ?.)


On national TV!!!

I hope she doesnÂ?t win the Ms America title. She cannot be representing USÂ? It will be a total disgrace and people will think that Americans are stupid, (no I didnÂ?t say they are stupid!!)


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