Monday, August 22, 2005


This happened to a funny friend of mine not long ago.

That particular morning, he had some canggih-fied nasi kuning and yummy fattening creamy curry for breakfast before heading to his office.

When he reached office, his canggih-fied nasi kuning and the yummy fattening creamy curry decides to knock on his anal door and wanted out!

He has to find a way to release them FAST! REAL FAST!

He went into the lift to get to the toilet 2 floors below, (I have no idea why he didn’t use the toilet on his floor) with guests (and gas) knocking at the other side of his anal, just when the lift door was about to close…


The lift door closed.

He tried SO HARD to tahan. He tried his best to squeeze and hold, so that NOT ONE SINGLE ounce of gas will leak out undesirably, but he FAILED MISERABLY!

PoooooooTTTttt… Blimey! Quite loud some more, got smell some more!!!

Damn embarrassing!

Read the conversation below after the leaking incident.

F – My friend
CC – Chun Chic

F: er, sorry about that (really embarrassed, face all red.)
CC: it’s ok, that happens. I’ll PRETEND I didn’t hear that (awww… how sweet. How thoughtful!)

They became friends since. They exchange hellos the next time they bump into each other.

Isn’t it a great way to break the ice?


Blogger GiLLieBeaN said...

Haha. Imagine this at their wedding dinner when the Best Man asks the Bride how she met the Groom:

BM: So how did Cupid worked his magic?

B: We met in a lift and he farted. REAL LOUD.

Audience : *laugh*

G: Yeah, since then we were inseparable. I love her perfume, she loves my farts.

11:42 AM  

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