Monday, August 29, 2005

Ying Yi was Here

Ying Yi and her sidekick and her sister was in Melaka (Malacca) for a day trip 2 weekends ago. It was an impromptu decision (I always like impromptu things).

Arrival time: 5.00
Walked around the Church area, went up to the St Francis Xavier Church, took some picture. My sister wanted to go to the A' Famosa, but I was too damn tired to walk!! I told her we could always make a trip down to Melaka, it's only 2 hours away from KL =)

Since I was blardy tired and blardy hungry and was about to make alot of fuss, my sidekick instantly knew what to do - Stuff my mouth with food.

He brought us to the Satay Celup place (a must visit place for me when I visit Melaka). We were at the shop at around 6.20, but was packed with people. I managed to grab a table for us. Sat down, ordered our drinks and I went off to choose the stuffs that I want to eat. Yummy yummy. I had lots of satay celup and flush down all the food with Shandy! Bliss!

After eating, it was around 7.45, we went to the MOST HAPPENING WEEKEND PLACE in Melaka, the Jonker Street. Jonker Street's like a night market i.e. pasar malam, but cleaner and much more interesting. I bought 2 mini fan, 1 straw bag (fuchsia color), 1 clog (not those red type where people wear in the kitchen lah) and of course bought some food as well.

We made a pit stop at the Geographer. My sis and I had this healthy drink called Honey and Vinegar, sidekick had beer.

After rejuvenating ourselves with healthy drinks and beer, we continue to explore every single shop along Jonker Street. I was fun!! and Hott!!

Departure time: 11.00 pm, reached KL at around 1.00 am.

Damn tired. The moment my head touches the pillow, I kong-ed out.

Should do this more often!


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It's Jonker Street!

6:45 PM  

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