Tuesday, September 13, 2005

An Email to Boss

Ever since my sister's department shifted from the DJ office, (which is about 10 min walk from my house) to Phileo, and despite the short notice given by the management (3 days notice), they have also CONVINENTLY turned her into a receptionist cum admin exec cum programmer. They also made it pretty clear that they will not be employing any receptionist/office assistant in the near future. Why my sister everyone must be wondering, well, they told her because she is a SENIOR. I think otherwise, I think they made her do this becuase she is the ONLY GIRL there. Her tasks now includes answering, reverting and redirecting tens and hundreds of calls per day as well as do some office admin work.

On top of that, she has got some tight date lines to meet for her project. One day, she couldn't stand it anymore, so, she sent the following e-mail to her boss:

Hi Boss,
All the endless phone calls is getting on my nerve.

If I have to continue answering, reverting, redirecting all these phone calls, please don’t blame me for not being able to accomplish my tasks on schedule.

I will not extend my working hour to meet my due dates just because I have used up my time attending all these phone calls.


Well, I am pleased that she has finally decided to express her displasure to her boss. BUT my dad thinks otherwise!
What do you think???


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