Friday, September 09, 2005

For Crying OUT LOUD!!

The following event took place at:

Vanue: My office
Time: approximately 11.30 am

Tried to contact one of the lawyer.

Me: Hello, good morning. Please may I speak to Ms So and So?
Operator: Who's on the line?! (sounded annoyed)
Me: Oh, I'm Ying Yi
Operator: From?
Me: From (my company name)
Operator: Cindy from (my company name).
Me: No, not Cindy, it's Ying Yi
Operator: Mindy?
Me: No no, not Mindy, Ying Yi.. Y-I-......(trying to spell out my name)
Operator: ooh.. Lily... hold on Lily!!

For Crying OUT LOUD! this is not the first time!!!

my name is Ying Yi

NOT Cindy!
NOT Mindy!
NOT Lily!
Not Ling Yi!
Not Ying Lee!
Not Jin Lee!!

It is Y-I-N-G Y-I
Ying Yi.

Get it?


Blogger Papi said...

u r lucky she (he?) wasn't our receptionist.

Caller: may I speak to so-and-so

Receptionist: Not in

Caller: Can I...

Receptionist: *click- hang up*

5:02 PM  
Blogger Prince of Darkness said...

Ying Yi, sometimes it's not easy to hear clearly when you are on the phone...Dun blame her, who knows she haven korek telinga for like 5 years and the wax's thick? Haha

9:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey papi..
is your receptionist a full-time recept or is he/she an office admin cum PA cum support staff cum software engineer cum receptionist?

3:29 PM  

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