Monday, September 26, 2005

Holly Molly Super Driver

Have you EVER seen anyone drives without looking where he/she is heading. That's not all, BUT also driving without even steering their wheel??

Well, I saw one yesterday. On my way to sidekick's house. On the Kajang highway. I saw this man, turning around to his back seat, took a magazine and started to read the damn thing. His hands were holding the mag (coz I can see him holding), so, I thougt probably this bugger is using the cruise control thing. But NO!! the blardy car overtook some other cars mann (jaw dropped)!!

Maybe I am abit the 'ah ngau' but eh, since when do we have those auto pilot technology for cars arh?


Blogger Prince of Darkness said...

Tat's cool if he can drive and over take cars without the need for eyes on the road and hands on the steering. If this person bought the Merz that is not released yet, maybe there is an auto pilot but then, there is none here in malaysia. Extra ordinary ability kot...Haha

5:02 PM  

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