Thursday, September 01, 2005

Initial D

I was at Ikano on Sunday. The moment we enter the car park, sidekick saw Takumi's car. His first reaction was "wah look! AE86! wah, Takumi is here! That's HIS car!! AE86!! nice hor nice hor??!!"

Yup! true enough, it looks EXACTLY the same as the car that we saw in the Initial D movie, the one driven by the Toufu boy - Takumi.

All the stunt and drifting. Wah! and the MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TAKUMI IS HERE at our very own IKANO POWER CENTRE!!!

Takumi's AE86 parked at Ikano's parking lot

Alas! Takumi's tyre kena clamp!
We couldn't figure out why his tyre kena clamp coz I SWEAR, he parked at a designated parking space! HE DID NOT VIOLATE ANY RULES!!! Poor Takumi!


Blogger what ever thing said...

haha! i think takumi hv problem now. haha

btw, thanx for giving the tips of "do the horizontal line on the words"

i'm also wondering how u ppl doing it. thanx
hv a good day.

12:19 AM  

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