Monday, September 19, 2005

Please Ma'am, Please Let me In!

Not every Tom, DICK and Harry can enter into our office as and when they like. Due to the nature of our work, everything is top secret and absolutely confidential! Hence, we have very tight security. heh heh heh.

Non employee would have to press the irritating door bell, "ting tong" "ting tong", then our office admin (mind you, we do not have a receptionist), will through their intercom ask "yes, how can I help you?"

Normally, you'll get this "DISPATCH!"

"Hold on a min please" our ever so friendly office admin would reply robotically, and as fast as she could, together with her access card, run to the door and let the impatient dispatch in.

All Dispatch boys are IMPATIENT! but some are just unbelievably patient-less! Either that, OR they have problem understanding the phrase "please hold on" OR they suffer from permanent finger spasm. Can’t blardy lift the damn finger from the bell button! So, the door bell would go “ting tong” “ting tong” “ting tong” “ting tong” “ting tong”……
Blardy hell!!! Until someone let him in.

Just like my dog Rover, each time after his daily loitering session around the neighborhood, he’ll stand in front of the gate and bark. A slight delay of 1 nano second, would result in the unstoppable barking, bark bark bark bark bark! Wouldn’t stop, until we let him in. I think if he knows how to press the door bell, he would do the same…… press the door bell, “ting tong” “ting tong” “ting tong” “ting tong”.

See the similarity?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

rover goes:
ruff ............ruff.......ruff...ruffff... ruffruffffrufffff......
(interpreted as: I'm back open the gate..........helloo leme in!... hoi!! lemein!... lemein!... X@#$&@#^$@O#!!...)

2:00 PM  
Blogger ying yi said...

something like that, but I doubt he'll say this "@#$&@#^$@O#!!...." hehhehhee....

9:34 AM  
Blogger Prince of Darkness said...

WTF....that's pretty annoying. ting tong, ting tong, if it were to be me, i would have pull out the wire. Haha how I wish I am able to do so

1:17 AM  

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