Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

I watched this yesterday, it's a quarduple thumbs up (including big toes). Following is a synopsis of the movie:
Introduced as babies who were born to mothers who met in a prenatal aerobics class, the four grew up together and developed an enduring bond despite their distinctly different emerging personalities. Now, after years of sharing every triumph and loss, every wild idea and secret fear with the laughter and love of true friends, these four young women couldn’t be closer… except that they’re about to be separated as their lives take them in different directions for the first time.

Introspective and occasionally volatile Carmen (AMERICA FERRERA) is looking forward to spending quality time with her out-of-state dad, whom she hasn’t seen much since he divorced her mother years ago; super-confident star athlete Bridget (BLAKE LIVELY) is heading for a soccer camp in Mexico; soft-spoken Lena (ALEXIS BLEDEL), a gifted artist as beautiful as her drawings, is set to discover her heritage – and an unexpected romance – on a trip to her grandparents’ home in Greece; and sharp-witted rebel Tibby (AMBER TAMBLYN) will reluctantly remain in town, stocking shelves at the local discount store while working on her pet project, a video “suckumentary” to expose what she sees as the banality of everyday life.

On a shopping trip together the day before their paths diverge, the friends find a pair of thrift-shop jeans that amazingly fits and flatters each one of them perfectly, even though they are four young women of very different shapes and sizes. It seems these pants are meant for sharing and that gives Carmen, Bridget, Lena and Tibby a wonderful idea. They decide to use the pants as a way of keeping in touch during the months ahead, each one wearing them for a week to see what luck they bring before mailing them on to the next.

In this unique way, though miles apart, the four still experience the challenges and surprises of life as they always have – together – in a summer they’ll never forget.
*Gonna watch it again today!* Yup, it's THAT GOOD!


Anonymous Lat said...

Madam, is it at the movies? or u watch from the cetak rompak DVD? never heard of it la. maybe i shud search for it.

4:20 PM  
Blogger GiLLieBeaN said...

boleh pinjam if its a cetak rompak that belongs to you?

12:08 PM  
Blogger ying yi said...

boleh boleh...
eh, dun lah say cetak rompak until so loud lah...

2:48 PM  
Blogger Prince of Darkness said...

What if it is a cetak rompak? Ask long as it's DVD 9, good quality...Hahaha I am sure that all of us are Cetak Rompak supporters. Hahaha

Cetak Rompak...YEAH :)

8:49 PM  

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