Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Random Post

I've been busy lately. Not work related. Study that is. I'm taking my 3rd CPA paper... Financial Accounting. I need all the prayers that I can get =(
I hate, absolutely HATE HATE HATE accounting... or, anything that has to do with accounting. Why I'm taking my professional papers? Well, I do not know either!
But I've been crunching. Crunching, Crunching, Crunching....
remember the last time that I complained about my automatic transmission that doesn't work?? well, it happened again! and this time, the mechanic said it's beyond salvage. I have to change the whole unit of the blardy signal switch! BLARDY! the switch is DAMN EXPENSIVE ok.. RM264!!!
who said Proton cars are cheap? Well, the price MIGHT BE a slightly cheaper as compared to the others. But, other cars they do not have all the STUPID problems that MOST Proton cars have!! and to fix those STUPID PROBLEMS, it's not cheap!! BLARDY!
Just this month alone, I've spent more than RM800 on the blardy car!! Road tax, timing belt and the stupid switch!! Blood sucking PROTON!!! (not for the road tax part)
On a lighter note, I've been hearing complains about "oh, how fat I am...." "How I wish I could be more like you...." "All you skinny people do not understand how we feel...." "the media is always showing skinny people...." blah blah blah!!
guess what!!! stop complaining! I am a skinny person! and I CANNOT WEAR spaghetti strap tops, halter tops, sexy little black dress because I've got nothing to show!!! so, STOP COMPLAINING!!
enough said. Back to crunching!


Blogger Prince of Darkness said...

Cool down's sometimes annoying...yes, but i would say, it depends on your luck as well. If you happens to buy a car from the troubled batch, then, seriously it's a bad headache. Even for Myvvy now, one of the batch is not good, but then they still push it out, when the problems get bigger then they will find the solution for it. Business minded people you can say.

Wow I dunno that you are a CPA paper taker...Maybe I should ask you some about it when I am taking those 5 papers in the after my graduation.

9:40 AM  
Blogger Resurrected said...

Hmm, is it a Waja? Perhaps you can try getting 2nd opinions everytime an issue crops up. There may be other solutions at hand.

Good luck with your CPA paper

7:00 AM  

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