Thursday, January 26, 2006

How CRAPPY can it get???

Shit! ShikittyShitShit!!
We have to work from home during CNY. Just because our clients made some stupid promises to their financier on their end.
Shit! We always suffer due to someone else's stupidity!
Just for your information, this particular project that I'm working on is not exactly fun anymore (after weeks of late nights and working on public holidays and weekends!) no fun no more!!
In fact I'm hating it to its guts right now!!!!!!!!!!!! and forever!!!
no more jobs from this particular client!! no more!!!! no way with such a shit fees that they are paying vs the amount of SHIT that we have to deal with!! NO SHIT WAY!!!!!
eat shit and die!! make us work like there is no tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Please pray for Rover

His nose and eyes has got a new lump, so I brought him to the vet. The vet did a biopsy and confirmed the MOST DREADED thing... Rover has malignant cancer cell!! *paaannnggggg*
While he was asleep due to the anesthetic, he vomitted blood clot. and the vet suspect he has got stomach ulcer.... *double pangggggggggggggss!!!*
The vet will do an x-ray to ensure that the cancer has not spread to other part of his body.
These are our option:
1. If the cancer cell has not spread, we will remove the cell, and Rover will have to undergo chemo. (yes, dogs have chemo too); or
2. If the cancer cell has spread, it would be better for us to leave him like that. No point treating as treating him will accelerate his now terrible condition..
If the cancer cell has spread, he'll have 3-5 months more.
Please pray for him, pray that the cancer cell has not spread to other parts.
UPDATE: The x-ray came back and his lungs are clear. So, the cancer is just a local cancer. Will remove the cells after CNY!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

well, my long hiatus is due to blardy work. I have been working LATE, and I mean L-A-T-E. Even have to blardy work during the precious weekends. I have just sold my sould to my company. Isn't it great? My boss SHOULD BE DAMN HAPPY beacuse my sould is damn expensive ok..... er, priceless!!
Yes, I promise to write more and post more photos (i am bringing my laptop back to kampung.........) lalalala... more updates comming up!