Monday, February 06, 2006

CNY updates?

OK, I promised updates right?

well, I went back to kampung. My dad's kampung.

My daily timetable (for 7 days) was like: wake up, bathe, makan, dvd, bathe, makan, dvd, sleep, makan, dvd, sleep, makan, sleep, makan, bathe, dvd, sleep.

Yes, lots of food and lots of rest!!! whooohoooo!!!!
Wanted to take some photos but the damn digi-cam decided to kong out on me!! Blardy!!!

so, NO PHOTOS!! We had so much nice food. Traditional hock chiew food. Red wine mee shuah, Fish maw, sea cucumber, sharkfin, hock chiew pork ball, poh piah,sweet and sour pork, yam and pork soup,butter prawns, fried noodles, all very authentic and traditional, not something that we eat everyday.

are you salavating now? I am damn hungry now.


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