Friday, February 17, 2006

I am Your Servant

People with a brain of a size of small mutated Nyan Yin peanut and a lau-sai (cirit birit) waiting-for-the-sky-to-rain-money-on-them, I-don't-give-a-shit-of-what-you-want, I-don't-feel-like-attending-to-your-request-cause-I-have-to-go-for-my-5th-tea-break-of-the-day-if-not-my-brain-will-skrink-further-and-will-definately-die type of attitute, should not work as a goverment servant.
This was what happened:
Me: Hello, (with very broken BeeM) Selamat pagi
Pea brain human (PBH): Hello (sounded like one at their death bed)
Me: yada yada..... as such, I would really appreciate if you could extract the documents for me.
PBH: er, tapi.....
Me: Ada masalah keh?
PB: er, ya lah cik....
Me: So, bolehkah you tolong I extract the documents? (In extra sweet voice, while trying to surpress the volcano from erupting.)
PB: boleh lah....
Me: That's fantastic... good good!! Thank you Thank you!!!
PB: er, tapi....
Me: .... and?
PB: Boleh extract... tapi susah... boleh, tapi susah...
Me: ...........!!!!!!!!
How I wish I could throw all profanities that I could muster at her face, Unfortuntely I am the one asking a favour from her, I have to be professionally polite.... shit....!!!!
Sometimes I wonder, what is the meaning of public servant. To serve the public or public serving them!
Of course not ALL are like that....
I have met some helpful ones.


Blogger cheng sim said...

its like you have to do the person a favour before u asked for a favour. hehehe.

11:38 AM  

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