Wednesday, February 08, 2006

New Year Resolution

People make New Year Resolution, I make Chinese New Year Resolution! I like to be different! Cannot meh?
Ok, these are my resolution:
1. To be more committed to God
2. To be more committed to my work
3. To save more money, this means spend less on shoes, bags and nice bajus.
4. To curse and swear less
5. To be more sabar while blardy driving
6. To fix the blardy digi cam soonest possible if not go get a new one so that can take more pics of Rover while he is still alive and kicking
7. To be a better person
8. To read more business related articles/ magazines/ journals/ newspaper. Not just fashion/ entertainment
9. To put on more weight
10. To exercise more often
11. To walk my dogs
I guess that's enough resolution for the time being. AHAHHAHAHAHAH....
I could start off by cursing less BLARDY!!!


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