Wednesday, February 15, 2006

This is THE WAY to do it!!

I apologize for not posting this up earlier. To those who bought something which have cost your arms and legs (plural, not singular) or other body parts, I apologize. For not posting my tips earlier.

Theses days VD is just SO DAMN commercialise. We as someone who are smart, have enough attitude and character SHOULD NOT blindly follow the crowd. If you wish to contribute to the growth our country's economy, you CAN contribute to me. I'll be glad to assist you in playing your part of being a good and responsible citizen.

OK, this is the way you should spend your VD with your date:

Don't rush back after work, in fact you should stay in the office abit longer, to avoid the jam.
Have your dinner at home. If you can wait, eat with him/her, if you can't you can start first.
Surf the channel - TV 1, 2 or 3 is just plain SAD, for Christ's sake install ASTRO!
If you have had your dinner without your partner, this is the time to teman your partner for dinner.
Do whatever you like after dinner, YOU DON'T NEED ME TO TEACH YOU DON'T YOU!

There! see??? don't have to spend alot right? While having a good time, you still get to keep your arm and leg and er, other body parts right?? heh!


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