Thursday, March 30, 2006


Just as everyone is ranting about their weight,being fat, I WISH I COULD PUT ON SOME WEIGHT. Extra 5 kgs won't hurt! hur hur!!
Why? because I'm the blessed one. THE THIN one, THE ONE who can eat and eat and eat and eat and eat but never EVER gain any weight. The one with REALLY high metablolism rate. The one with the chopstick legs....
Envy leh? No? Check out my BMI! I am erm, abit underweight. heh!
Extra 5 kgs won't hurt eh?

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Kuala Selangor Trip

Monkeys at Bukit Melawati

Monkey posing for us

Wild, er, perhaps not so wild flowers

Watch tower

Watch tower (I like this photo)

A photo taken by a paparazzi while sidekick and I were taking a stroll at Bukit Melawati, what to do? We are like celebrity

Another photo taken by paparazzi. They are like flies, they are everywhere!!

Firefly Park Resort, the gate to get to the jetty

Firefly Park

See you again........

There you go, these are some of the photos that we took during our trip to Kuala Selangor. Unfortunately we did not take any photos of the fireflies. Fireflies were MUCH LESS compared to er, 4 years ago? But if you have not been there before, you should go. Still quite impressive! Some of the trees were so brightly lit up, brighter and much nicer than christmas tree.
The trip was nice. Except one thing. The food, SUCKS BIG TIME! we waited for a blardy 1.5 hrs for the food, and trust me, it is NOT WORTH the wait. and the money!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Rant AGAIN!!!

Ok, I am fuming again.

After 398477948 times of trying, finally someone. SOMEONE, picked up the damn phone and passed the call to that bastard!

This is the story.

I was on the phone with this bastard official receiver. I called up to ask when would be the first creditors’ meeting be held. That bastard's only reply was only “tak tau”

I went “huh, what do you mean tak tau… you are the official receiver……”

That bastard simply replied “mana tau, I’ve got so many meetings, how I know…..” (with those really lazy draggy almost dying kind of bastard hear also TL type of voice!)

Bastard mann!!! Let me blardy tell you!!! Part of your freaking job is TO BLARDY KEEP TRACK OF ALL THE BLARY DATES FOR ALL BLARDY MEETINGS, ESPECIALLY CREDITORS MEETINGS!!! Freaking hell, lazy ass!!!! WE TAXPAYERS DON’T PAY YOUR SALARY TO BLARDY SAY “MANA TAU”…… ok???!!!!!

The LEAST you could do is to blardy ask me to call back later, meanwhile lift your fat blardy dirty figer to blardy flip through your blardy calendar/organizer/underwear wherever you blardy jot down the dates and blardy tell me the blardy date when I blardy call back to ask you the blardy bastard of the blardy date!!!!!!!!

BUT, NO!!! you, the blardy lazy bastard have to say “kalau you nak tau, you tunggu lah”

When I told you, the blardy lazy bastard that I’ll hold the line, you BASTARD LAZY ASS blardy put down the blardy phone!!!!!!

Freaking BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.......

What Would You Get?

When you wear your shoes without wearing socks, what would you get?
heh, a pair of stinky feet!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Daily Job Requirement

Part of my daily job requirement is to talk to MAJOR IDOIT(S)!!
through the phone!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Someone Once Said

Some senior management guy (DEFINITELY NOT FROM MY OFFICE) once said “ Where is the fucksmachines? I need to fucks something to the client! Where is the fucksmachine?”

And… following that, he said “I am so fuckstated that I cannot find the fucksmachine!”

In front of some client!

Everyone blardy wanted to laugh out loud .....

Trust me, that poor fella has absolutely no intention of saying the F word, what he meant was fax machine and frustrated. In a very wrong pronunciations.

Nutty Riddles

What is the stingiest animal in the world?
Think Bahasa - Horse because a horse goes "kedekut kedekut"

What is the lansi-est animal in the world?
Think Cantonese - Sheep becuase a sheep goes "mieh mieh"

What is the stupidest animal in the world?
Think - Pig

Highlight for the answers!

For further queries, please email me at

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I received this awhile ago, thought I would share:

For those of us in the Corporate World.....

Commonly Used Phrases at the Office and What they really mean!

1.For your information, please. (FYI) Meaning : I don't know what to do with this, so please keep it.

2.Noted and returned. Meaning : I don't know what to do with this, so please keep it little while.

3.Review and comment. Meaning : Do the dirty work so that I can forward it.

4.Action please. Meaning : Get yourself involved for me. Don't worry, I'll claim the credit.

5.For your necessary action. Meaning : It's your headache now.

6.Copy to. Meaning : Here's a share of my headache.

7.For your approval, please. Meaning : Put your neck on the chopping board for me please.

8.Action is being taken. Meaning : Your correspondence is lost and I am trying to locate it.

9.Your letter is receiving our attention. Meaning : I am trying to figure out what you want.

10.Please discuss. Meaning : I don't know what the "****" this is, so please brief me.

11.For your immediate action. Meaning : Do it NOW! Or I will get into serious trouble.

12.Please reply soon. Meaning : Please be efficient. It makes me look inefficient.

13.We are investigating/processing your request with the relevant authorities. Meaning : They are causing the delay, not us.

14.Regards. Meaning : Thanks and bless you for reading all the bullshit.

Sekian Terima Kasih

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Shopping During Office Hour

I went shopping, during office hour. Internet Window Shopping. See what I found? Aren?t these bags glorious?

Pay ETSY a visit. They have got more cutesy stuffs!

Cute Mini Skirts

People with a pair of chopstick like legs CANNOT WEAR THESE CUTE MINIZ!! ARGHH!!!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

My Weekend!

I spent my whole weekend recuperating from the damn flu (doctor said viral infection).

Didn’t do much except for:

Give tuition to tiny tots (no, I didn’t kill any of them)


This is so unfair! I should be out!!! I SHOULD BE SHOPPING!!! OR at least I should have vacuum my blardy car!!

Oh well…

Friday, March 10, 2006


busy till can't even spear spare nanosecond to reply my query (note: not queries) is it??

Ever Happened to You?

that you cough cough cough and then ter-fart?

Somemore infront of a group of people.......

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ranting Continues

When you are well, you wish to be sick, and when you are sick, you wish to be well!! Gah!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tuesday's Rant

Blardy neck is still STIFF!!

On top of that, I can't stop sneezing!!!

Thanks for all the crap!!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Series of Rant - Monday Rant

Damn not in good mood. Wake up at the wrong side of the bed and as a result (you guessed it!!) – stiff neck. Blardy can only turn my head until a certain angle.

And I know why:

For Monday so loved me,
He gave me the all the things that I hate
Waking up after a TIRING, NO REST AT ALL weekend,
To face a brand new Boring Dreadful Shitty Monday
Not Only that
He also gave me a stiff Neck!!


Friday, March 03, 2006


My workstation is the cleanest and tidiest compared to my fellow colleagues. Why?? Because I have too much free time I started doing all my filings… muahahahah!!!

For you busy buggers out there, please do not envy me. Seriously, DON’T ENVY ME!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Fu Lau

I am so damn blardy free these days. I've got ZILCH, NADA, NOTHING, to do during office hour. It took me 3 god damn hour to issue 3 cheques!!! [crawwwwwwlllll...................]

Memang KGB - kerja gaji buta!!
damn it!! gimme work to do lah.. damn it!