Monday, March 27, 2006

Rant AGAIN!!!

Ok, I am fuming again.

After 398477948 times of trying, finally someone. SOMEONE, picked up the damn phone and passed the call to that bastard!

This is the story.

I was on the phone with this bastard official receiver. I called up to ask when would be the first creditors’ meeting be held. That bastard's only reply was only “tak tau”

I went “huh, what do you mean tak tau… you are the official receiver……”

That bastard simply replied “mana tau, I’ve got so many meetings, how I know…..” (with those really lazy draggy almost dying kind of bastard hear also TL type of voice!)

Bastard mann!!! Let me blardy tell you!!! Part of your freaking job is TO BLARDY KEEP TRACK OF ALL THE BLARY DATES FOR ALL BLARDY MEETINGS, ESPECIALLY CREDITORS MEETINGS!!! Freaking hell, lazy ass!!!! WE TAXPAYERS DON’T PAY YOUR SALARY TO BLARDY SAY “MANA TAU”…… ok???!!!!!

The LEAST you could do is to blardy ask me to call back later, meanwhile lift your fat blardy dirty figer to blardy flip through your blardy calendar/organizer/underwear wherever you blardy jot down the dates and blardy tell me the blardy date when I blardy call back to ask you the blardy bastard of the blardy date!!!!!!!!

BUT, NO!!! you, the blardy lazy bastard have to say “kalau you nak tau, you tunggu lah”

When I told you, the blardy lazy bastard that I’ll hold the line, you BASTARD LAZY ASS blardy put down the blardy phone!!!!!!

Freaking BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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