Friday, May 19, 2006


The blardy air-cond in my room is dead. So I politely asked my dad to contact the air-cond man to come and fix it.

Me: Pa, air-cond in my room died. Can't switch on. Please ask the air-cond man to come and fix it.

Pa: Oh is it? what happened? Did you press the on button hard enough? or is it the remote? Did you change the batteries?

Me: Yeah yeah, I did everything.. fail to on. Confirm dead.

Pa: Oh good! let it be...

Me: .........

Me: Ok then, I shall sleep in your room until you fix it!

Pa: Can can no problem. You and your sis can take the bed. Your ma and I will sleep on the floor.

Me: o_O


No of course I didn't sleep in their room.
and yes! my room is as hot as hell!!!

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Finding the PERFECT wedding gown is NEVER EASY! What's more when choices are limited.

As such, I am CONSIDERING (really considering) to have mine tailor made. First, I'll have to figure out the silhouette, A line/princess? ball gown? or Mermaid.

Then I'll have to consider the neckline, straight? or boatneck.

I want something really simple. Perhaps an A line/princess or Mermaid with boatneck. Yes, I think I'll be more comfortable wearing a boatneck. I've got nothing much to show anyway....
and I'll have a low cut back, with flowers gathering at the back... and of course, a train. At least have to be 2 feet long train!!

This will cost around RM1,100 to RM1,500. Decision decision. Should I or should I not. Decision. Decision. hmmm......

Friday, May 05, 2006

After You are Burn

My sister: er, excuse me, I'm looking for sunblock.
Sales promoter: this is good, this has got SPF45++
My sister: (picked up another product and asked) what about this??
Sales promoter: this one miss, you use it after you are burn this for after you burn already.
My sister: ..... after I burn already?? o_O