Saturday, September 30, 2006

Hen's Nite

Atteneded my friend hen's night yesterday at the Ivy. oh.My.God! I didn't know things could get so WILD!

Penny and I arrived late. Upon our arrival, the bride to be made us dunk a glass of whiskey coke. Mind you. I can't drink. But am forced to dunk anyway. So, half a glass went down my stomach. and for most of the night, I sat on their high stool. of which I am blardy glad! I had a BLAST!! just by watching all the crazy things that the rest made the bride to be do.

OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!

From requesting for a condom from a total stranger to dancing on the bar top, to dirty dancing with some total stranger (again) to err... lots of drinking and puking. Great night indeed!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Countdown Meter

My wedding countdown meter shows I am 6 months, 4 weeks & 2 days away from my wedding.

I need to put on some weight, maybe another tiny-weeny 3 kgs. Better still if there is a bonus. From A to C.. if you know what I mean ;)


*drum roll and... grand entrance....*
Welcome back Welcome back!!
I am welcoming myself back to the blog world.

I have decided to come back because I realize that it is OK to curse and swear and rant and bitch online… Coz I am so incapable of expressing myself throught talking coherantly, acting cool as a cucumber, or doing things in a civilized manner. Ok. I admit. I am highly uncivilized. and I need to keep my sanity.
So, be ready.. more of these are coming! I know you guys are just can’t wait! Can you? Haha!